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One Night With Him by C.D. Reiss

Date: 11/25/2020
Jonathan Drazen’s my billionaire boss. Or he was, until he fired me. Now he wants to make a bet. If I win, he’ll give me enough money to not care about this waitressing job. If...
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Apples and Angel Wings by Katie Mettner

Date: 10/30/2020
Heather RobbinsAge: 26 Looks: Tall, platinum blonde, and curvaceous Favorite Food: Apple pastries from The Nightingale Diner Status: Single, but secretly in love with Bells Pass’s police detective Gabriel Dennison Age: 27 Looks: Tall, dark,...
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Frenemies with Benefits by Kelly Myers

Date: 11/08/2020
I’ve spent my life running away from my past.And for so long, that’s worked. Not anymore. Now my past is out to get me in the form of Zach O’Malley. He was my first crush,...
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Meatloaf and Mistletoe by Katie Mettner

Date: 11/14/2020
Shepard Lund:Age: 26 Looks: Tall, blond, and skinny Favorite Food: Meatloaf Status: Single, but secretly in love with his best friend Ivy Lancombe: Age: 25 Looks: Short, chestnut brown, and buxom Favorite Food: Blackberry Pie...
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Admit You Want Me by Ajme Williams

Date: 11/18/2020
A billion-dollar nightmare? Check. An arrogant former Army man? Check. My worst client ever? Double check. What bad deeds did I do to deserve this billionaire as a client? Sure, the money is good. But...
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Off the Grid by Stacy-Deanne

Date: 02/12/2021
They didn't know they were lost until they found each other. After surviving a wreck in the middle of nowhere, an injured Thomas finds himself at the mercy of Gwen and five, beautiful young women...
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Wicked Winifred by Katie Mettner

Date: 10/31/2020
Winifred Papadopoulos, Freddie to her few friends, has a reputation in Snowberry, Minnesota. Behind her back, and occasionally to her face, she’s known as Wicked Winifred. Freddie uses her sharp tongue as a defense mechanism...
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Seducing Her Father’s Enemy by Stacy-Deanne N/A

Date: 10/26/2020
How far will she go to save her father’s life? When beautiful graphic designer Diana Wayans learns that Italian crime lord Milan Vitale wants her estranged father dead, she heads off to Miami to find...
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Disturbed Mind by Charlotte Raine

Date: 12/31/2020
After Grace Ellery a college English teacher had to kill one of her students in self-defense, it seems like things are finally returning to normal…or so she thought. When Grace’s boyfriend Sam starts helping local...
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Neanderthal Next Door by K.C. Crowne

Date: 10/25/2020
"This mountain isn't big enough for the two of us, Princess." Hunter is a Neanderthal ✓ Mr. Crabby pants neighbor ✓✓ Totally NOT even close to my type. ✓✓✓ Okay, fine. That last one isn't...
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