This Daring Journey
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This Daring Journey by Misty M. Beller


A desperate mother…A mountain man guide…An impossible journey…

Moriah Clark is sure of one thing: the white man standing outside her door can’t be trusted. He’s no different from the others who keep trying to seize the cabin her late husband built. It’s only a matter of time before they win—she only has so much gun powder. Yet time is the one thing Moriah needs most. Time to heal from her daughter’s birth, and time to prepare for an arduous journey to a place where she and her daughter will finally be safe. If only these strangers would just leave her alone.

Samuel Grant never dreamed that instead of finding Henry Clark and bringing him to his sister’s wedding, he’d find a fiery widow fending for herself. And with a newborn babe no less. He can’t blame Moriah for greeting him with a gun. He must seem no different than the attackers he’d just chased off. But he is different. And his principles won’t allow him to leave a woman without aid—all the more when she’s a relation of his brother’s fiancée. All he has to do now is convince Moriah that he’s trustworthy to lead her and her daughter to safety.

As their perils increase, Moriah’s reliance on Samuel grows. She can’t help but be drawn to the capable man who’s proven so gentle with her daughter. But he has his own life to lead. She could never ask him to abandon his own future and be saddled with a widow and child in a community far from where his siblings have settled. Soon she’ll have to say goodbye…

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