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THERE ARE NO MONSTERS by Sebastian Leyendecker


Some call it the supernatural, some call it the paranormal. Some call them creatures, some call them monsters. The members of the disbanded secret society called The Nocturne Society has only one word for those things that dwell in darkness: Extinct.

There are no monsters. Not anymore. Nobody knows that better than the leftovers of The Nocturne Society. After all, they disbanded their society thirty years ago because they believed their work was done.

After decades of inactivity, the old hunter Brockmann is called back into action, when he faces something he had considered impossible. An inhuman creature of unnatural origin has appeared on a murder scene. Realizing his assumption all supernatural had died out was wrong, he races against time to stop the creature as he must team up with Simon, a young man who has lost his girlfriend and who has no idea it was Brockmann who was responsible for her death.

The first book of The Nocturne Society drags readers right into the world of the long disbanded secret society, where the supernatural inhabitants of our world are considered to belong extinct. But are they really gone?

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