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A violently psychotic modern-day shaman is caught in a zombie apocalypse without her meds.

Can she survive and employ her immunity to save humanity?

Jocelyn Radomski kills four innocent people after running out of her anti-psychotic meds in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

And she’s afraid she will kill more innocents.

But the Archangel Metatron sends her on a mission from God. Her sin will be forgiven if she finds a way for scientists to study her immunity to half of the zombie pathogen and find a cure for humanity.

Fortunately, she possesses magical powers from her shaman training as well as zombie-like powers she received from the other half of the pathogen—powers that she continues to discover on her quest.

And she inherited a sword from her grandfather—a tenth-century sword forged to fight zombies and blessed by the Archangel Saint Michael.

But without her meds, no one is safe from her violent psychotic breaks. Especially the eclectic band of survivors pledged to her cause.

Overwhelmed with guilt at what she has become, Jocelyn is driven by the hope that she can affect a cure.

There’s simply nothing else to live for.

This unique and fantastical apocalyptic novel will keep you up at night as it takes you on a wild ride throughout a quest for redemption.

“Jocelyn Radomksi is one of the most original characters I have read about in forever.” - 5-star Amazon reviewer.

“I loved that the main character's bad ass emerging powers are handicapped by bouts of mental instability, making her vulnerable and fallible.” - 5-star Amazon reviewer.

“The story is as intricate as it is intense.” - 5-star Amazon reviewer.

“This book is hard to put down.” - 5-star Amazon reviewer.