The Marshall and the Thief
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A woman desperate to escape . . .

Paige is on the run from her family and the U.S. Marshall hunting them. No one says no to her father. The plan was simple. Escape during the train robbery and make a fresh start. Her plans go awry when an impulsive decision drops her into the arms of the Marshall. He offers her a deal she can’t refuse. Help him capture the gang and go free. Could the Marshall be her saving grace? Or is he using her? Life has taught her to trust is foolish, but her heart has a mind of its own.

A man hunting a killer . . .

U.S. Marshall Nash Houston is determined to capture the gang, leaving a trail of dead behind them. Even if the daughter of the gang isn’t behind the robberies, she's way too skittish and all too lovely for Nash to just let slide past his penetrating gaze. When he discovers a vulnerability in Paige and courage beneath fear, he's left aching to protect her and longing to heal her heart.

Both are about to learn that true freedom comes when you let go of fear and step into the perfect promise of God’s love.  

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