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The Mail-Order Witch by Joynell Schultz


What’s a witch to do when nobody will hire her?

Open her own business, selling enchanted items to a town filled with mortals who are clearly prejudice against witches.
But when the entire second grade class sprouts fluffy tails, the town is quick to blame Ettie and her new business.

Was the tail epidemic Ettie's fault?
Or is there a different kind of magic hiding in Watersedge?

Read “The Mail-Order Witch, Episode 1” to find out.

This series contains a prequel plus three stories:
•The Mail-Order Witch, Pilot Episode
•The Mail-Order Witch, Episode 1
•The Mail-Order Witch, Episode 2
•The Mail-Order Witch, Episode 3

Note: The Pilot Episode is available for free on the author's webpage.

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