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Being able to see ghosts is one thing. Knowing what to do with them is something completely different.

That is the problem that faced Edward Meyer when he returned to his hometown after over thirty years. His family had a secret, but a mysterious figure murdered them before they could pass it on. Now he returned to a town overrun with ghosts and malevolent spirits, completely unaware it was his family’s responsibility as “keepers” to keep them under control. A few town elders attempted to fill in, but they weren’t trained or had the abilities that Edward did. With the help of two old family friends, he rediscovered who he was, and, more importantly,  who his family was. But not all secrets should be uncovered. Some expose to the dark truths of his past, and the traumatic events that lead up to this day. The question that remained, would he stay and take his place in the town, or does he leave.

The Ghost of Miller's Crossing is the first book in the Miller's Crossing series. If you like chilling tales of mystery, folklore, and supernatural evils that are as old as time itself, then you'll love David Clark's chilling tale.

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