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Raw, scorned, and finally free from my disastrous marriage, I flee the lies, humiliation, and manipulation of my old life like a bat out of hell, leaving it all in my rearview mirror. Seduced by the sunny, diverse, laid-back Denver, Colorado, I settle in and set up a new life. New job. New house. New friends… Freedom. The idea was to start over. Fresh. Anew. But I didn’t anticipate starting over with my twenty-year-old student. Nero Gunnar might be twelve years my junior, but he’s the manliest man I’ve ever met. He has his sights set on me and he’s not letting up. It’s wrong. Forbidden. A disaster waiting to happen. But sinful wrongs have never tasted so, so sweet. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a dark romance. This is not erotica. The Biker and the Professor is a sexy, unconventional contemporary romance. Written in the first-person present tense. Contains mature content.
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