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Serenade Me by Ian Finn

Shane Wyatt Bryan is one of the biggest names in country music. He has a voice like whiskey over rocks and a look that makes my knees weak. He's openly gay, a rarity in this industry, and yet the crowd still loves him. So, I'm shocked when I find out he's singing in the same small bar as my best friend Lisa and me. The soulful singer says he wants to connect with his roots, but the look he gives me makes me think that he wants a deep connection with me. How can I say no to such a man? But I have to be careful because I'm not out of the closet, and my agent will drop me if he finds out. That would ruin my dreams and Lisa's. I could never do that to her, not after what I've already done to accidentally hurt her. In one night, I'm wrapped up in Wyatt's world and his embrace, dragging Lisa with me. There's fame and fortune, music competitions and the promise of duets. All I have to do is let Wyatt into my heart. But can I do that when it's already been broken? With so much at stake, can I really let love back into my life? Could Wyatt be worth the risk of further hurt, even enough to come out for? Wyatt I've played huge concerts all over the world, but a tiny bar is the place I find something more important than fame. My career has been stagnant since I lost my first love. His death broke my heart and I still wear his dog tags. Convinced I will never love again, I let Bruce, my manager, drag me into Mickey's bar to play and see some new talent. And that talent is a hot young singer named Shane who gets my desire flowing again. Bruce wants him on our team. I want Shane in my bed. However, new relationships aren't always easy. Especially when there are sordid pasts involved and both of us have been hurt by lost loves, although in completely different ways. Plus, Shane's in the closet. I want to support him, but in the lifestyle I lead, it's hard to keep things in the dark. Can I open myself up to the possibility of new love, especially when Shane's ex comes back? Or will it all come crashing down, when my new lover's secret hits the tabloids? Serenade Me is a rags to riches/blue collar to billionaire, secret relationship, coming out male/male romance with lots of steam, no cliffhangers, and a very happily ever after. It's a standalone full-length novel of over 55,000 words in the Morning Madison series. Due to the fact that this series involves recurring characters, all of whom are musicians in the same setting, its books can be read in any order but are best enjoyed together, and with a big glass of water nearby due to so much heat in addition to all those feels!
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