Rosie Ray: Talent Takes Time
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Wouldn't it be great if greatness came easy?

Join Rosie Ray on her trip to Talent Square—a place full of talented singing, dancing, and juggling experts! But what happens when Rosie Ray tries to sing, dance, and juggle? Will she give up for good? With the help of her mom, Rosie Ray learns that the Truth is ‘Talent Takes Time’ and includes much more than natural ability.

A note from the Author (a father for two writing books that help parents with developing their children's character):
Perfectionism blinds us all and can easily get in the way of our children's development and understanding of what it really takes to achieve! My oldest daughter (Savannah Ray, of Rosie "Ray") is quick to try new things and also very quick to quit new things if she finds that she can't master them completely on the first try. She sees her friends or people on TV (more likely Youtube) succeeding at music, sports, art, etc. with incredible easy, and she then believes that if she's not great or better than them immediately then that activity is not for her.

All she sees on the surface is their success, and she doesn't have the luxury of seeing what's underneath that success, which includes the many times they failed or hours they put into the practice to become great. It just looks to her like "greatness came easy" but most of us, as parents, know this is not how success works.

Behind every successful person is a long line of failed attempts, practice, research and support from friends and family (aka Rosie's mom in the story) that made that person's success possible!

This series has been developed to help parents and teachers with character development for their children. It's written in singsong rhyme so it's not only fun for children ages 4-8 but also fun for you to read to them! If you like this story and would like to see more from the Rosie Ray Series, be sure to leave a great review!