Leading Remote Teams: Embrace the Future of Remote Work Culture
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Now over a year into the pandemic and working remotely, it is clear that things will never really go back to the way they were. This book will take you on a journey beyond average office leadership and into the high-performing realm of remote leadership.

You will learn:

·         Why leading remotely matters in the context of current events

·         Why remote collaboration is the way of the future

·         How trust is critical to remote leadership

·         How to build trust and connection with your team

·         Tactics you can execute to make progress on your organization’s goals

·         How to make yourself and your team more valuable to your organization

·         Effective tips for clear communication in a digital environment

·         How to embrace the vision for the future of remote work

“Leading Remote Teams: Embrace the Future of Remote Work Culture,” champions the future potential of remote work, explores the advantages of a workplace paradigm shift, and delivers tactical tips for remote leaders to enable team success.

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