His Rules
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His Rules by Ajme Williams


A southern stranger for one night? Yes please.

Don’t have to see him in the morning? Even better.


But what if he showed up again? I could deal with that.

And if he showed up as my boss? Oh boy…


I think this is one big joke.

When I opened the door to his office and saw his face, I knew that my nightmare had come true.

The same stranger who had kissed my curves so adoringly was now looking at me like I was a mistake.

To be fair, I was looking at him the same way.

He was a mistake.

A delicious one.

A grumpy one.

This hot mistake came with consequences in the form of… rules.

Look, I am okay doing hot men, but I don’t do rules.

Not the ridiculous kind anyway.

My boss is determined to make me obey.

And I’m willing to let him try.

Even if the end result is a secret baby that would turn my world upside down… 

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