From Vulnerable To Victorious: Turning Your Chronic Illness Into Your Victory Story
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Have you found yourself asking "how do I live a meaningful life with my condition?" How can I manage my emotions and mental health with a chronic illness? Will I be able to be as active as my family and friends?

From Vulnerable to Victorious will show you how! It's a book about turning adversity like a chronic illness into something empowering and impactful. It details the journey of Tori Geiger's battle with a congenital heart defect and her experience navigating her chronic illness as a young woman and athlete.

Tori Geiger shows you that having a chronic illness does not hold you back from living your best life. As a young woman and athlete with this condition, she is sharing her victory story and methods that anyone suffering from a chronic illness can implement to create a fulfilled life even through adversity.

In From Vulnerable to Victorious Tori shares her:

● Lessons and tips for living victoriously with a chronic illness

● How to turn your chronic illness into an opportunity for impact

● How to overcome adversity and live life to your fullest

● To share your victory story to give hope to others

In a world that seems to be creating more reasons to pull us down, don't let your chronic illness define your life. Don't waste precious time trying to figure out a path to living a full, active, and happy life with a chronic illness. It's all inside of From Vulnerable to Victorious.

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