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Enjoying Parenting by JB Owen


When kids are born, they don't come with a handbook. Parents learn as we go, finding insight only after we've made countless mistakes and blunders and created walls between us and our kids that put us in conflict with each other... and we often find ourselves falling into the same pit time and time again. Today, you can end that.

You can walk a different path and stop falling into the same parenting trap. You can start unfolding a completely different relationship with your child by doing something radically new. You can change everything about your parent-child relationship dynamic and build the close and joyous connection with your child that you have always wanted.

Jam-packed with practical steps, easy-to-implement ideas, and fun exercises you can do to connect with your child right now, this book will inspire you to create an outstanding future with your kids filled with all the love, joy, magic, and magnificence you deserve.