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Blood Libel by M Lynes

Seville 1495 Every family has its secrets. Theirs might kill them. A child is brutally murdered, and the Jewish community is accused of ritual killings - the ‘blood libel’. The Spanish Inquisition sets friends and family against each other to discover the truth. Isaac, a Jew by birth, reluctantly converted to Catholicism to protect his family from the Inquisition. His best friend is accused of the child murder and he is forced to choose between him and his own family. Isaac is determined to find the true killer and disprove the ‘blood libel’. He must save his family and defend his faith. As the Inquisition closes in how far will Isaac go to protect both his family and his faith? Praise for M Lynes, award winner at the Emirates Literature Festival: Michael Lynes not only brought the Inquisition to life, but he also manages to immerse the reader in the anxiety of the time. I would recommend this book to anyone that is a fan of historic fiction. I couldn’t imagine enjoying a book about such a violent time but I found myself very appreciative of this unique and enthralling period. Debbie Viscosi, The Wayward Reader Really exciting drama of a gripping time period. Elizabeth Crowens
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