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  • "Good book especially for children. All independent states with compact information (area, population, etc.) as well as flags." - Alexey V. F. Ch. Bobrov (5 stars)

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  • "My nephew and I play trivia every Wednesday night and there is always a question in a category called Fun with Flags. I bought this for him on Father's day and he loves it." - Helen Meehan (5 stars)

  • "Nice tool and learning guide. Good guide for countries/capitals." - Judy Lion (5 stars)

  • "Wow!Very nice book with many countries, capitals and flags! Ordered this one for my children." - D.J. Boettcher (5 stars)

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Is your child developing an interest in the wider world?
Are they starting to ask questions you can’t answer?
Would you like to be able to assist them with homework or other school projects?

The world continues to contract as the years go by. Air travel, the Internet and mobile telephones mean that we can travel and communicate in ways we would never have imagined even just 100 years ago.
So, when your child asks about a country in Africa, or a city in South America, what do you say?

This book, All Countries, Capitals and Flags of the World, was written to help you when your child becomes interested in the world around them. It contains chapters on:

  • Flags of all INDEPENDET countries of the world

  • Flags of unrecognized states and states with limited recognition

  • Populations and area of ​​each country!!!

  • Capital cities

  • Continents

  • Transcontinental countries

  • Biggest countries by area

  • Smallest countries in the world

  • And much more…

Children of any age will love learning about the colorful flags, capital cities and interesting facts about countries from around the world and parents will find it useful for testing a child’s knowledge of geography.
An ideal birthday gift, or as a reward for good behavior, if your child is craving knowledge about the countries of the world then this book is a ‘must read’ for them.

(Last update of the names of countries and capitals is December 1, 2020!!!)

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