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Al Capone and Chicago at one time were almost synonymous. While opinions of the infamous mob leader varied from group to group, Capone was at one point seen by many as a lovable outlaw and modern Robin Hood. How could this man who ran the most vicious criminal organization in the country become so beloved by the general public? Was it the rags to riches tale of an immigrant that rose from the bottom to make it to the big time that transfixed the nation? Or is it something else entirely? Let us discover just what is it about the life of Al Capone that seems to spark both disgust and admiration in those that hear it.

This is the story of the life and enduring legend of the American-Italian mobster that some loved and others loved to hate.

Discover a plethora of topics such as

  • How Capone Became Scarface
  • The Murder of McSwiggin
  • Public Enemy Number One
  • Taking Down Capone
  • Holed up in Alcatraz
  • The Last Days of Al Capone
  • And much more!

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