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A curse was cast over Thornbrook manor and everyone despaired, until a man brave enough to face it arrived…

Percival Avondale, son of the Duke of Follet, is at odds with his father, as their views of the future do not coincide. Percival will try and shape his own future by at least choosing his future wife on his own terms. During this quest of his, he will come face to face with a most extraordinary tale.

Aurora Vincent, daughter of the Duke of Thornbrook, has fallen into a deep sleep and nothing can awaken her. Curiosity and his love for medicine will lead Percival to Aurora’s doorstep, where he will attempt to save the fair lady from death’s clutches.

When the charming gentleman awakes Aurora from her slumber, he can’t help falling for the breathtakingly sweet lady and she, in turn, is instantly in love with the courageous, witty Marquess.

But Aurora’s illness was not even remotely natural and the culprit is still on their heels, looking for the perfect opportunity to strike again…

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