Genres : Women's Fiction

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Where The Bodies Are Buried by Janet Dawson

Date: 02/13/2021
HOW HOSTILE CAN A TAKEOVER GET? MURDER MOST CORPORATE!Oakland sleuth Jeri Howard is the whole package: a traditional gumshoe who’s no stranger to the all-night stakeout, the deft, disarming blow to the hand holding the...
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Mountain Darkness by Vanessa Vale

Date: 02/12/2021
If you liked Bridgewater County, you don't want to miss this hot new series full of wild mountain men! We want Kit Lancaster. We've wanted her for years. Both of us. Me and Donovan. It...
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The Cliffside Inn by Jessie Newton

Date: 02/09/2021
Spend another month in Five Island Cove and experience an amazing adventure between five best friends, the challenges they face, the secrets threatening to come between them, and their undying support of each other. Eloise...
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The Friendship Pact by Tara Taylor Quinn

Date: 02/10/2021
This is a story for every woman who has a best friend... Bailey Watters and Koralynn Mitchell consider themselves "sisters of the soul." Their circumstances growing up couldn't have been more different; Kora came from...
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Date: 03/07/2021
From USA Today Bestselling Author, Uvi Poznansky, comes a poignant family saga:Apart from Love is not your typical love story. Weaving together two novels, it is all-consuming, heart-wrenching, and dark. My Own Voice: Falling in...
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The Broken Trail by Dominika Best

Date: 02/05/2021
What would you be willing to do to become famous? Cold Case Detective Harriet “Harri” Harper has done what she swore to do almost twenty-years ago: find her sister and bring her home. But, she...
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High Hopes by Sue Lilley

Date: 02/17/2021
Grace has a heart-rending secret - a love child she gave up for adoption. Now, years later, her long-lost daughter is searching for answers and Grace gets a letter that will change everything. The father...
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Date: 02/06/2021
Frontman of the grunge rock band NightHawk, Gideon Hawk has had enough of the rock star life. He is jaded, disillusioned, and haunted by the memory of an unresolved heartbreak. On a whim, he leaves...
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Sisters by Kellie Coates Gilbert

Date: 02/01/2021
Set in America’s original ski resort, Sun Valley, Idaho—SISTERS offers a thought-provoking look at three women . . . and the choices they make when they realize their lives aren’t exactly what they expected. Karyn...
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Date: 01/29/2021
What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas… The moment Beckett O’Neill retires from professional sports, he swears off schedules and commitments. His new gig has him hopping from one exotic location to the...