Genres : Women's Fiction

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Date: 03/21/2023
Amy Whitfield had three weeks to transform from romantically challenged to spontaneous sex goddess. That was about how long the doctors said her husband would remain in a coma. He suffered from a head concussion,...
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Date: 03/17/2023
Escape to the Great Smoky Mountains…Juliet isn’t sure of God’s plan for her life, but the opportunity to serve as the leader of the Freedom and Faith small group, helps her to feel needed, like...
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Date: 02/06/2023
After France surrenders to the Nazis, all eyes turn to the Channel Islands off the coast. Knowing the Germans could invade their quiet home, the resident children of Guernsey are evacuated. Among them are Amelia...
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Date: 12/23/2022
Loving your sisters is easy. Liking them is impossible.“Holly Kerr has done a beautiful job of crafting a family with real relationships--an absolute delight to read.”The last thing Brenna wants is to go home, but...
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Degrees of Love by Lisa Slabach

Date: 11/28/2022
Like the shiny new BMW parked in the driveway of the home she shares with her husband, Matt, and their two boys, Susan Sinclair typifies personal and professional success. Yet with each advance in her...
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Date: 09/29/2022
She wanted a new start. Now she just wants to survive.What ski instructor Fiona Easton needed was an easy day. No complications, no drama, no fuss. Instead, she got difficult teenagers, careless teachers and annoying...
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Date: 09/28/2022
The final book in best-selling Catholic women's fiction series, Vows for Life!Musician Sadie Rosati has a secret she’s never shared with anyone she’s dated, but now that things are getting serious with her boyfriend, she...
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Date: 09/12/2022
I never planned on coming home.Never say never.Katie Smith had forever written all over her.I knew better than to touch her.I just couldn’t stop myself.I had plans, goals, and a life that didn’t include Macon,...
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Her Irish Boss by Palmer Jones

Date: 08/19/2022
Brogan With his Irish Pub on the brink of closure, Brogan O’Keeley needs his life to stay in order. Rules need to be followed, and they will be enforced. Or his employees can find another...
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Date: 07/21/2022
No one ever said love would be easy...He's not supposed to date, but she's impossible for him to resist.Fresh out of rehab with a new future, Mason focuses on building a successful career as a...
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