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Endangered Species by Nate Littlefield

Date: 05/25/2023
The illegal animal trade can be a lucrative business, attracting all sorts of unscrupulous people. Capturing rare animals for monetary gain is an unconscionable act, resulting in appalling ecological losses. Sometimes, it can even lead...
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Body & Soul by Terri Molina

Date: 05/21/2023
Spiritualist Sylvia Chavez is well-known in the Rio Grande Valley as a gifted clairvoyant who has been helping the families in her community since she was a child. When she learns one of her clients...
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Date: 03/19/2023
DC’s psychopathic killer just singled out the only detective with the skills to outmatch his twisted game. “Devious, fast-paced and packed with relatable characters.” —Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Dogs of War. A new...
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Subversive by Raena Rood

Date: 03/17/2023
★ The Subversive Trilogy imagines a chilling and not-too-distant future when Christianity is outlawed in the United States.When Christianity is banned in the United States, those Christians who refuse to renounce their faith are arrested...
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Stone by Max Monroe

Date: 01/28/2023
Welcome to Cold, Montana, where the town is smaller than a shoebox and their biggest claim to fame is a serial killer. It’s a case that ended in a tragic set of events, and one the...
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Date: 01/12/2023
Wyatt, Alaska is a place of family, beauty, and unspeakable tragedy. A couple of years after Aaron Grant lost his wife and daughter in a fire, one of his daughter’s best friends, Sarah, is kidnapped....
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Evasive Gold by Mauritz Fredriksen

Date: 12/14/2022
Have fifty tons of gold been astray since World War II? But how could that threaten America’s dominant global role? Only if the word gets out. And it has.When Norway was invaded by Nazi Germany...
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Date: 12/14/2022
Lizzie Sayler, a young doctor specializing in the emerging field of brain mapping, is approached by the government with an urgent request to help salvage a quantum computer project when its two inventors become neurologically...
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Date: 11/16/2022
Prestigious faculty members at Mill Run University vie for a position to work on a national grant that will make a difference in all their careers. Secrets, lies, and cutthroat resentment stemming from graduate school...
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It Happened Last Summer… by Phillip Franco

Date: 11/09/2022
Elizabeth McAndrews is newly landed in college, studying investigative journalism. She's looking for a story. Until her revisiting the murder of her dear friend and high school mentor, Mrs. Thompson, starts turning up unresolved questions.The...
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