Genres : Teen and Young Adult

Date: 06/08/2023
Escape into a rich fantasy world with deadly secrets, thrilling love interests, and a brilliant, morally gray female lead. You’ll be on the edge of your seat – perfect for fans of Shadow and Bone...
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Beyond Power by Lina Hart

Date: 05/03/2023
One epic love story. A futuristic world. And a group of young people discovering their supernatural powers to stand against one man playing God.Angelia is a hardware tech genius who enjoys her solitary life amid...
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Date: 03/27/2023
Unpredicted & unseen love Between two womens yet will the society accept this love or rejected them
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Date: 03/22/2023
Witch, Warlock, Whatever…My name’s Devon Jinx, and, yes, I’m half warlock, half witch. But I couldn't care less about which kind of magic is better. All I want to do is keep my head down...
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A Good Start by Charles H. Spurgeon

Date: 02/21/2023
Mr. Spurgeon was emphatically the friend of the young. During the course of his successful and God-honored ministry, his supreme aim was to lead children and youth to Christ and to encourage and stimulate them...
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Hierarchy of Blood by Jennifer Haskin

Date: 02/09/2023
The winner will be crowned Ambassador’s Bride. The losers will meet certain death.When you’re living inside a dwarf planet in the cold abyss of space, life is only easy if you’re rich. 17-year-old Marishel Vance...
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Date: 12/31/2022
Even in Magicor, spectacular city of wizards and magical creatures hidden among the clouds, Orto is unique. He is the result of a one-of-a-kind pairing when Aporton, a prominent wizard, is seduced by the song...
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Date: 12/27/2022
Addictively Dark and Seductive Reading.Dramatic and full of Suspense that will have you guessing at every turn…Just who is the King of Afterlife?Keira is new in town and running from her past. A past that haunts her...
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Date: 12/12/2022
Someone wants Lucy dead, and she has no idea why. If Embry and Gabriel know, they aren't sharing. Can she escape her fate, or will someone she loves pay the price?Discover Book One in The...
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Date: 11/16/2022
As any Wren or Softfoot will tell you, a lie works best when it has part of the truth.The Wrens were promised a life better than they had left behind in Kerek City. So they...