Genres : Space Opera

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Date: 05/12/2021
An immortal alpha male. An illegal, near-blind rock musician. And twelve thousand years of lies...Luc is the most powerful man in an intergalactic empire of 22 planets—but he's alone, life after life.Izzorah survives by hiding...
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Date: 05/04/2021
If you like political intrigue, hard science fiction, and adventure, you will love The Importance of Family Ties. Can the Oberllyn's rescue the brilliant autistics Micah and Alex before the military bombardment begins, destroying the...
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Breach of Peace by Daniel Gibbs

Date: 12/28/2020
Everything is on the table when survival's at stake. Captain James Henry is caught between a rock and a hard place - again. Merchant ships operating in neutral space near the Terran Coalition and the...
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Starfighter Rising by Daniel Seegmiller

Date: 12/15/2020
A merciless cyborg menace. An invasion Earth can’t win. Can a failed pilot turn the tables, or will he burn up on reentry?Konran Andacellos has all but given up on his dream to be a...
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Expedition by Alexander Elliott

Date: 11/11/2020
The humans of Earth planned for a long intergalactic journey. What they didn’t plan on was running into the neighbors. In 2096 Captain Christopher Perry led the starship Expedition on a centuries-long search for a...
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