Genres : Romantic Suspense

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Power Play Series Boxset by Kennedy Mitchell

Date: 06/17/2023
NOW AVAILABLE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED! When a forbidden workplace romance ignites, turning enemies to lovers, can the two keep the love affair hidden, or will their fire destroy everything they’ve worked for? These men play...
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Date: 06/14/2023
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine falling so hard, not just for one, But for SEVEN wealthy, protective, and untamed men. Snow Thanks to the world's most hateful stepmother, I seized the opportunity...
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Date: 06/14/2023
I needed to lose myself in a woman. It was just supposed to be one night. She gave more than either of us bargained for. I claimed her innocence and she disappeared. She has no...
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Date: 06/08/2023
I'm Everett “Rett” Ramses. New Orleans is my world, my realm, and my domain. After what I've done, some people say I’m the devil. I say I'm a man who knows what he wants, and nothing stops me...
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Knocked Up by the Bratva by K.C. Crowne

Date: 06/05/2023
It started with the FBI case of a lifetime... And ended with his baby in my belly. Luka Antonov is a man of mystery - but one thing's certain: He’s even more dangerous than his...
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Date: 05/27/2023
When the client becomes more than just the job, will the distraction be his undoing or her death sentence?Former Army Ranger Casey Weston had three rules he required all clients under his protection to follow:...
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One Man’s Haven by Laura Domino

Date: 05/07/2023
Longing for peace and truth. When Dorian’s bodyguard duties lead him to suspect his billionaire philanthropist boss of foul play, his faith and trust in God must guide him in the midst of danger. The...
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Den of Sins by Renee Rose

Date: 04/29/2023
I’m like a feral animal. A wild beast rutting. And she’s my prey.One week out of prison, and my mind’s still locked up.My heart, my soul—they died there.When a mafia hitman comes after me, I end...
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Date: 04/17/2023
Together, they are the keys to humankind’s original blueprint. Apart, will they find each other through the pages of time? Mona Devek is driven by an innate knowing. As a walk-in from birth, her life’s unfolding...
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Date: 04/10/2023
Mastering the Virgin - Box Set OneTwo friends...One virgin...One week...It was all supposed to be about sex...A bit of fun...No one mentioned love.A BDSM Ménage Erotic Romance 5 Stars: “4 books, 3 people, 1 great story!”...
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