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Spirit Embraced by Kim Colella

Date: 12/07/2022
2019 Silver Winner - Nautilus Book Awards - “Better Books for a Better World”"It is time to let go of all that holds you back from radiating your brilliance into the world. It is time...
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The Art of Finding FLOW by Damon Zahariades

Date: 05/19/2023
Radically Improve Your Performance, Creativity, and Productivity in Every Area of Your Life!Elite athletes do it.Successful executives do it.World-class musicians do it.Top-performing students do it.They take advantage of flow to achieve remarkable goals and accomplish...
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Date: 05/17/2023
“God has an assignment for you! You are His secret weapon… Will you answer the calling?”I Am Evidence: Not A Coincidence of God’s Love by Yolanda Stith is an engaging faith memoir with true life stories...
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30 Days to Overcome Shame by Harper Daniels

Date: 05/13/2023
Are feelings of shame holding you back from living the life you want? Are you ready to break free from the cycle of self-blame and judgment? If so, 30 Days to Overcome Shame is the...

Just Don’t Quit! by Joan Hunter

Date: 05/12/2023
Your breakthrough is just around the corner! Sometimes life can be so discouraging that we are tempted to give up on our dreams. But your destiny may be just around the corner! If you quit...
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The Art of Womanhood by Frank E Legette III

Date: 05/03/2023
Would you like to teach your man to love you on your terms, without him even knowing he is being taught? The Art of Womanhood is designed to give you the skills and knowledge that...
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Date: 04/30/2023
Do you want your emotional suffering to end? I have felt the anguish of depression, and the fear from anxiety you have been feeling. Your days are overwhelming, and your nights are sleepless. You want the nightmare...
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The RoadMap Lab by Meaghan Timko

Date: 04/26/2023
The RoadMap Lab™ is a tool that helps individuals and their collaborative teams build more strategic, more sustainable, human-centered transition plans. While anyone can use The RoadMap Lab™, it was intentionally designed to support Neurodiverse...
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Legacy of Absence by Tim Olson

Date: 04/19/2023
Despite all the progress in our world-from advancing human rights to life-saving technology, there is a wound that has spread to every corner of society. It affects individuals, families, businesses, and communities.In fact, evidence shows...
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Date: 03/29/2023
Since 1996, Ann Aikens's newspaper column "Upper Valley Girl" has delighted readers with anecdotes, cautionary tales, and Ann's signature blend of humor and sincerity.Now Ann has collected her best advice into one volume aimed at...
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