Genres : Fantasy

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The Tree of Knowledge by Daniel G. Miller

Date: 03/14/2023
Albert can see the future...He just doesn't know it yet.It is said that the greatest chess masters can envision a match’s outcome ten moves before it occurs. Imagine a person who can visualize ten steps...
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Date: 02/15/2023
Kidnappings. Cults. Cupcakes. One out of three ain’t bad.When I was a kid, I could play in the shadow world. The older I grew, the weirder and darker it became, so I hid my power...
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The Nine by C.G. Harris

Date: 01/06/2023
Winner of the Colorado Indie Author Project award for Adult Fiction! Hell is not what you think ... It’s bone-chilling. Gabe is a good guy making the best of eternity in a place not known for its...
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Coming Home by Lora S. K. Knight

Date: 12/30/2022
Two weeks ago, Abend watched helplessly as her parents were slaughtered in the chaos following the High Queen Autumn’s murder. Orphaned and on the run in a wintry mortal forest, Abend stumbled upon an ondine...
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The Poisoned Garden by Phill Featherstone

Date: 12/02/2022
The ancient city of Chamaris is governed by powerful families. Chief among them is the House of the Leopard, headed by Lord Karkis, the Master of the City. Karkis is ageing and going blind, and...
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New Dominion by C.G. Harris

Date: 11/26/2022
Ghostly brawls, voodoo magic and a manhunt for a power-hungry dead guy. What did you do today?Underworld double agent Gabe Gantry can’t stop screwing up. And why can’t he have a cool Topside superpower like...
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Date: 11/16/2022
As any Wren or Softfoot will tell you, a lie works best when it has part of the truth.The Wrens were promised a life better than they had left behind in Kerek City. So they...

Reawakened Flames by Lindsay McCafferty

Date: 11/01/2022
Aria, the crown princess of Torrannon, has the world at her feet and a bright future. Then she develops anxiety and depression and finds herself trapped in a losing battle that seems to only have...
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Date: 10/25/2022
Captain Murdoch has the chance of a lifetime in his grasp…or is it just a fool’s errand?Zale “the Gale” Murdoch, one of the greatest seafaring merchants in the kingdom of Tuscawny, is at the top...
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Date: 10/17/2022
Her special abilities can save lives, but so can they kill.Rovena Silvex has hunted and eliminated dozens of demons throughout the ten years since her initiation as a hunter. Possessing supernatural skills only makes her...