Genres : Epic Fantasy

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Date: 04/29/2023
THE REBIRTH OF EVIL. A REALM IN PERIL. AN UNSTABLE ALLIANCE TO SAVE IT ALL.Her name is Sinnia, she is the Queen Mother of dark spiders and she has returned to Orum to finally conquer...
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Coming Home by Lora S. K. Knight

Date: 12/30/2022
Two weeks ago, Abend watched helplessly as her parents were slaughtered in the chaos following the High Queen Autumn’s murder. Orphaned and on the run in a wintry mortal forest, Abend stumbled upon an ondine...
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The Poisoned Garden by Phill Featherstone

Date: 12/02/2022
The ancient city of Chamaris is governed by powerful families. Chief among them is the House of the Leopard, headed by Lord Karkis, the Master of the City. Karkis is ageing and going blind, and...

Reawakened Flames by Lindsay McCafferty

Date: 11/01/2022
Aria, the crown princess of Torrannon, has the world at her feet and a bright future. Then she develops anxiety and depression and finds herself trapped in a losing battle that seems to only have...
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Date: 08/27/2022
A personal tragedy thrust her into a mystical realm. Will this bewildered mortal find her purpose by saving its people from destruction?Gwen Findlay is emotionally spent. After losing her last living family member on her...
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