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Becoming Fearless by Brenda Smith

Date: 08/30/2023
Coerced by her boss and fellow rivers guides, Brenda Smith reluctantly embarks on a rafting trip through a vast Tanzanian game reserve. If she can survive twelve days on the remote jungle rivers, then she...
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Date: 07/10/2023
Maureen Lippe, media powerhouse/entrepreneur, and former Vogue and Harper's Bazaar editor debuts her new book, Radical Reinvention, the personal and professional journey of self-discovery after being forced to reimagine, reset and reinvent after losing her...
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Date: 07/01/2023
Determined to earn her doctorate in America, Apple An leaves Beijing with little more than her desire and spirit, soon after the Tiananmen crackdown in 1989. Upon arrival, she faces the culture shock of living...
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Date: 06/24/2023
Gaining empathy through trauma is the gateway to a better life in this emotional and haunting true story, which features a young man who learns how to stay resilient despite the most horrific abusive family...
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Fat Girl Sings by Ray Schoenke

Date: 06/10/2023
Featuring compelling characters and integrating classic themes such as bullying, racial injustice, and coming of age, Fat Girl Sings is the profoundly moving true story of a chubby brown boy’s traumatic loss of innocence and...
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Sneaky Showbiz by Simo Ben

Date: 12/31/2022
Sneaky Showbiz You've heard the rumors. You've seen the headlines. But now it's time to reveal the salacious, sinfully intoxicating world of Sneaky Showbiz.Up-and-coming models sabotaging current industry darlings by casting sickness spells on them.Actors falling victim...
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Date: 12/23/2022
At the age of thirty three, Julie Hoyle, a stressed out, overworked school teacher thought she had everything figured out. That is until she meets an ancient yogi in a lucid dream. He doesn’t say...
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Date: 09/10/2022
Licensed counselor by day and recovering codependent by night…This candid memoir offers a rare insight into the messy, imperfect journey of healing oneself to find true love.For their seventh wedding anniversary, Hayley Kaplan bought her...
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Date: 08/30/2022
You have a unique and special assignment that only you can do. And it will make your spirit soar. Discover how to find it here!God? No way! That’s what this globe-trotting party girl thought as she threw...
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Barflies: A Bartender’s Memoir by Carol James Marshall

Date: 07/13/2022
Everything you are about to read is true; even when you think it isn’t. The characters in this book aren’t characters, but real people who did these crazy, weird, and wonderful things while I, the bartender, witnessed...
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