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Built to Last

By Chelle Pimblott

 Price – $0.99 $12.95

Kami’s spent the last few years getting her book shop up and running. When she needs some renovations done, she asks for recommendations, the overwhelming response is Harvey Carpentry. So, when she sees the truck with the Harvey logo, she takes the chance and asks for a quote. The guy who turns around is James freaking Harvey and he still takes my breath away, just like he did in high school. Kami should have connected the Harvey name to James, but I didn’t even occur to her.
James is working hard to distance himself from my father’s reputation, but it hasn’t been easy. Even as men employ him to work in their homes, they warn him to keep his hands on the job and off their wives. Then Kami Parker walks up to his truck asking for a quote and James can’t believe his luck. Now that they’re adults maybe she can see that he’s a guy worth spending time with. Maybe even a lifetime?




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The F It List

By Alexis Winter

 Price – $0.99 $2.99

It started when my hot-as-hell coworker offered to give me my first O.
Let me back-up.
It actually started when I got dumped at the altar.

If I have to see one more sympathetic head tilt from someone asking me how I’m holding up…I might lose it.

After some serious self-reflection (and momentarily swearing off men forever) I decided the only way to figure out what I want in life is to make a list.
My F It List—A journey to self-discovery and kicking ass!

But when Grayson AKA, temptation wrapped in a three-piece-suit, offers to help me cross a few items off the list my plan goes a little…off the rails.

Teach me golf? Yes, please.
Go camping? Sure!
Kiss me in the rain? I would have said no but the moment his soft, full lips melted against mine the word ceased to exist.

So here I am trying to keep myself in the friend zone, but with each new memory we make, I feel myself falling and I’m not sure I want to be caught.

One thing that wasn’t on my list?
Having Grayson’s baby.
Knocking out the big O,
Just turned in to getting knocked up.



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