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Christmas in Bethlehem

By Beth Rhodes

 Price – $2.99

A soldier in the U.S. Army, Roxie St. John is about to end her time in the service. And she expects a Christmas trip to her grandmother’s Christmas Tree Farm is just what she needs to test the waters of living back home. If she can convince Nana to sell and move to town, maybe the feelings of discontent won’t return.

Ben Niklaus grew up as a stowaway on Bethlehem’s tree farm. So when an opportunity arises to buy it outright, he doesn’t waste any time. Having Roxie around only cements his suspicion: he never should have let her go! But love isn’t any easier to decipher now than it was six years ago.

An unexpected visit from two stranded travelers and a new baby make this a Christmas Roxie and Ben will never forget.

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Daughters of the Morrigan Boxed Set

By Nina Croft

 Price – $0.99 $3.99

Life is not always easy when your mother is the Goddess of War and Pestilence. Meet the daughters of the Morrigan. Two novellas and a full length novel.

Whoever sacrifices the virgin, Raven Cole, on her twenty-first birthday will achieve a great victory in the war between good and evil.
That’s bad news for Raven. Half-vampire, half witch, and cursed from the moment she was born, Raven has been a prisoner of the fire-demons for the last seven years. Now, as her twenty-first birthday approaches, time is running out.
Kael Hunter believed he would do anything to stop the fire-demons from winning. Until he saw her. Now, rather than kill the alluring vampire himself, Kael has another plan: to prevent the prophecy by taking Raven’s virginity.
But Raven is prepared for death not seduction. Can Kael use their one night of passion to convince her she has a future – and that he should be a part of it?

All magic has a price. And now the balance is overdue.
A witch with the power to see the future, Gina led a sheltered existence until the vampire, Darius Cole, crashed into her life, abducting her, seducing her, forging an emotional bond between them. Then circumstances tore them apart and the bond faded. Until twenty-one years later when they are drawn together to save their daughter.
But while their passion is rekindled and the bond renewed, Gina can offer Darius nothing, and she feels his bitterness and the Darkness within him, threatening to take control. Only she has the power to draw him back, but how can she when her very life is forfeit?

A witch and a werewolf—a match made in hell.
Regan is about to play a leading role in someone’s plans for world domination. And all they need to do to ensure her cooperation is bite her.
Regan doesn’t do scared. It’s not who she is. But right now, she’s panicking. Being a werewolf is dangerous and one wrong step could mean the End of Days. And the only person who can help is the stunningly gorgeous, embittered son of the werewolf who bit her.
Caleb Stone wants an ordinary life. After a horrendous childhood, he fled the pack and now does a pretty good job of pretending he’s human. Self-delusion at its best. The last woman he wants to get involved with is a witch turned werewolf. However explosive the chemistry between them.
But soon it becomes clear that Regan and Caleb need each other, and together they’re going to uncover secrets that will turn both their lives to chaos.

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Girl Under The Christmas Tree: A Steamy Holiday Romance Novella

By Cassandra O’Leary

 Price – $0.99 $2.99

A hilarious holiday romance on the steamy side, featuring a girl who won’t say no to a fling, a guy who needs some holiday fun, one naughty night in a hotel suite… and a conga line of Santas!

Yuki Yamimoto isn’t the kind of girl to say no to opportunity, especially when it comes swaggering into the five-star hotel where she works, dressed in a three-piece suit. The handsome wavy haired man with a movie star smile and charming Irish accent is almost irresistible… If only he wasn’t a hotel guest!

Declan Moriarty can’t keep his eyes off the gorgeous girl at hotel Reception. Her wide eyes and flirting have him wondering, should he dare ask her out? When his whole life has fallen into the cosmic toilet the past year, it seems too much to ask for a dream girl like Yuki for Christmas. But maybe just this once, luck might be on his side.

A steamy Christmas Eve date has them both wanting more, but Yuki isn’t supposed to fraternize with hotel guests. Not even a cheeky, handsome guest who also happens to be one of the youngest tech CEOs in Ireland. She definitely isn’t supposed to stay in his hotel suite, even if it is just a fling for one night only. What if she loses her Christmas bonus or gets fired?

Yuki wants a life of romance and adventure…and to keep Declan after Christmas. Will all her Christmas wishes come true?

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