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Breaking Up With My Boss

By Alexis Winter

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Okay, so taking a golf club to my boss’s precious sports car was probably an overreaction—but damn did it feel good.
However, him showing up to my house to blackmail me into marrying him AFTER he fired me?
WAY out of line.
If there’s one person that can make me hate my very existence,
It’s Matthew Lewis III, my boss from hell.
Imagine the devil’s younger, sexy brother in a three-piece suit.
He’s the kind of man that makes any sort of rational thought go right out the window—which is exactly where I want to throw him.
So when he ripped me a new one for being TWO minutes late,
I lost my shit.
I not only gave him a piece of my mind, I ripped his prissy ass to shreds and marched out with my middle fingers in the air.
Oh, and of course…I destroyed his car.
So now, I either face a felony or pretend for a few short months that I love him.

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The Hotshot Chef

By JA Low

Price – $2.99  $4.99

According to the latest Hollywood gossip column …

What does Quinn Miller, the Living in Style network’s sweet as pie renovation queen and Spain’s hottest bad boy celebrity chef, Sebastien Sanchez, have in common? Nothing.

Then why is the network forcing them to work together?

Does it have something to do with her breakup from her co-star and real-life partner, Chad Bailey? Or is Sebastien trying to shed his womanizing reputation?

Will these two sizzle when pushed together, or will they go up in flames while working under the Spanish sun.


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