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Tales of Unexpected Love: A Historical Regency Romance Collection

Tales of Unexpected Love: A Historical Regency Romance Collection

Bridget Barton

Three of my best-selling Regency romance stories!

Combined the three books have more than 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon and have been downloaded over 100,000 times!

Delightful romances full of emotion, drama, action, plot twists, and of course, love!

A Governess for the Brooding Duke

As the tragic tale of the Duke’s sister and her forbidden love unfolds, Georgette must struggle with the deprivations of her lowered status, not to mention the spiteful plots and schemes of a jealous housekeeper and nurse. As her loneliness threatens to overwhelm her, Georgette must find a way put the splintered family back together, even as she battles her own feelings of love for the handsome, taciturn Duke.

A Bride for the Betrayed Earl

A man she barely knows, makes her a most unusual proposal; a marriage of convenience. He is looking for a wife so that he might produce an heir to his title and estate. She needs a husband of means to save her, her mother, and sister from financial ruin. Finding they have more in common than they could have imagined, can Hunter and Emmeline find the path to true love?

A Lady for the Brazen Earl

When the Earl finds himself crossing conversational swords with the caring and tenacious Lady Imogen, he wonders if beauty and fortune are enough for him anymore. When he finally falls for the curious Lady Imogen, will the Earl find he has gone too far and been too arrogant to ever win her heart?

Each tale is a standalone, clean and sweet story of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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Whisper- The Pete Zendel Christian Suspense series

Whisper- The Pete Zendel Christian Suspense series

Joy Ohagwu

Gripping. Award-winning. Inspirational. Unputdownable. Five Stars. – Readers’ Favorite.

A regular family. An old secret. And a dangerous enemy collide. Who will stand?

She thought she was ordinary.

Until a 100-year old secret sets a dangerous enemy after her.

Putting their parents’ legacy, and the world in danger.

2018 First Place Winner, CWRC Readers’ Choice Literary Lighthouse Awards. Grab your copy now.

It was bad enough for Violet Zendel that her twin brother hated her and avoided her like a plague because of her faith. When he became the CEO of their parents’ company, she did everything she could to support his success. Then she planned a vacation to help bridge the gap between them and improve their relationship.

However, when the news about a shocking event reached her ears during the trip, it shook her to her core—and led to a trail of broken hearts. Violet saw no other option but to shift her focus from pursuing corporate achievements, to preserving her family members and their legacy. But that came at a very high cost. And in the process, she is challenged by riskier choices, which demonstrate in dangerous ways, that not everything was as it seemed.

Police Officer Angel Martinez was not a stranger to hard work. She had almost single-handedly guided her four siblings into adulthood and did not feel threatened when a murder case landed on her desk. Feeling confident about her ability to solve the murder, little did she know that some cases came with decades-old secrets that could tear apart the peace and unity of those she held dear. Can she solve this case without losing her life and that of her precious family members?

Tim Santiago loved his career as an Archeologist. He seldom walked past old things without stopping to admire them, and he yearned for his best friend, Violet, to gain an appreciation for his profession. When events at a funeral unleashed a storm of mysterious phone calls and a dangerous chase, he quickly agreed that some old things were better left buried. But when he suddenly lost someone dear to him—and was close to losing two more—he faced a critical choice about unearthing more secrets. Was he already too late?

What will happen to Violet, Angel, and Tim?

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From Sand and Ash

From Sand and Ash

Amy Harmon

Italy, 1943—Germany occupies much of the country, placing the Jewish population in grave danger during World War II.

As children, Eva Rosselli and Angelo Bianco were raised like family but divided by circumstance and religion. As the years go by, the two find themselves falling in love. But the church calls to Angelo and, despite his deep feelings for Eva, he chooses the priesthood.

Now, more than a decade later, Angelo is a Catholic priest and Eva is a woman with nowhere to turn. With the Gestapo closing in, Angelo hides Eva within the walls of a convent, where Eva discovers she is just one of many Jews being sheltered by the Catholic Church.

But Eva can’t quietly hide, waiting for deliverance, while Angelo risks everything to keep her safe. With the world at war and so many in need, Angelo and Eva face trial after trial, choice after agonizing choice, until fate and fortune finally collide, leaving them with the most difficult decision of all.

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The Cowboy's Best Friend (Sweet Water Ranch Western Cowboy Romance Book 1)

The Cowboy’s Best Friend (Sweet Water Ranch Western Cowboy Romance Book 1)

Jessie Gussman

He’s a cowboy with a billion dollar problem. His best friend can solve it, but it might break his heart.

*Previously titled Cowboys Don’t Marry Their Best Friend*

Palmer wouldn’t trade his family’s land for the world. But the only way to save the ranch from financial disaster and claim his billion-dollar inheritance is to find himself a wife. His happily-ever-after would be complete if he could just hitch his wagon to the woman who sees him only as her best friend.

Ames’ free spirit can’t be tied down. So she’s more than willing to help Palmer find the perfect bride before she takes off to pursue her dreams in LA. But every time she thinks about the rugged cowboy with another girl, her heart burns with jealousy.

Though Palmer tries to enjoy his new match-made companions, he can’t keep his mind off Ames. And now he worries her wanderlust is blinding her to what’s right in front of her eyes.
Can Palmer and Ames find the truth in their hearts before it’s too late?

The Cowboy’ Best Friend is the charming first book in the Sweet Water Ranch Western Cowboy Romance series. If you like tender moments, down-home chemistry, and heartwarming humor, then you’ll adore Jessie Gussman’s wholesome Christian story.

Buy The Cowboy’s Best Friend to lasso love today!

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The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Available for the first time and collected in one volume, the letters of one of America’s most beloved authors, Laura Ingalls Wilder—a treasure trove that offers new and unexpected understanding of her life and work.

The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder is a vibrant, deeply personal portrait of this revered American author, illuminating her thoughts, travels, philosophies, writing career, and dealings with family, friends, and fans as never before.

This is a fresh look at the adult life of the author in her own words. Gathered from museums and archives and personal collections, the letters span over sixty years of Wilder’s life, from 1894–1956 and shed new light on Wilder’s day-to-day life. Here we see her as a businesswoman and author—including her beloved Little House books, her legendary editor, Ursula Nordstrom, and her readers—as a wife, and as a friend. In her letters, Wilder shares her philosophies, political opinions, and reminiscences of life as a frontier child. Also included are letters to her daughter, writer Rose Wilder Lane, who filled a silent role as editor and collaborator while the famous Little House books were being written.

Wilder biographer William Anderson collected and researched references throughout these letters and the result is an invaluable historical collection, tracing Wilder’s life through the final days of covered wagon travel, her life as a farm woman, a country journalist, Depression-era author, and years of fame as the writer of the Little House books. This collection is a sequel to her beloved books, and a snapshot into twentieth-century living.

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The “I Love My Instant Pot®” Free Holiday Menu!

Michelle Fagone

We all love gathering with family and friends for the holidays. But at a busy time of year, preparing a meal for guests can go quickly from a dreamy holiday scene to a kitchen nightmare! The “I Love My Instant Pot®” Free Holiday Menu takes the stress out of holiday entertaining with a full menu of easy-to-prepare holiday classics.

With these simple recipes, from appetizers to desserts, you easily can serve a delicious meal made with love, including sweet and savory dishes like Savory Acorn Squash Soup and Spiced Red Wine-Poached Pears.

Gather round the table and enjoy The “I Love My Instant Pot®” Free Holiday Menu!

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