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Today’s featured eBook is by beloved author, Sherri Murray. Murray has written other 4-5 star reviewed works and we are thrilled to show her Piano Girl with you all.

The Piano Girl: A full novel (Counterfeit Princess Book 1)

Sherri Schoenborn Murray

She plays from memory. Her memories. – A full novel. (Part one and two are now combined.)
The day after her sixteenth birthday, Princess Alia finds out that she’s been given away in marriage to a man she’s never met. The war has just ended, and for Alia’s protection, she must travel to her future kingdom disguised as a chicken farmer’s daughter. This princess-to-pauper fairy tale-like story is filled with problems, prayers, and plenty of piano. Also available in paperback and AUDIO. The Viola Girl, the second book in the series, is now available on Amazon.

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Help, Lord! I Want to Win the Worry War

Help, Lord! I Want to Win the Worry War

Lisa Gayle

Ever felt like you’ve wasted too many precious hours, days, and years worrying and stressing over things you know you cannot change by worrying?

If so, this book is for you.

Based on the author’s true life experience, this book / study is ideal as either a personal devotional or for group Bible Study use.

With a classic mixture of humor, real life stories, Scripture references and more, this author understands where you are with worry and how to help you overcome it in the here and now.

With powerful chapter recaps as well as action guides and discussion questions (and a free bonus offer), you won’t soon forget what you learn here!

Chapters include:
So What’s the Big Deal About Worry?
Worry’s Bad Reputation
Resistance to your War on Worry
Dismantling Your Worry Excuses
Do You Model Mary or Martha?
A New Way to Look at Worry
From Worrier to Warrior!
and more.

“Help, Lord! I Want to Win the Worry War” pinpoints the reasons we worry, how worry affects our health and well-being, and how to beat this time, energy and joy stealer!

This book was written for personal application to enable you to win this war over worry and to help you to live your best life NOW. Don’t you want to learn the secrets to becoming worry free?

Why waste another minute in the wearying worry woes? Declutter your mind of this destructive emotion – and learn to worry less and live more.
Telling yourself the truth will free you to live in the present moment, take God’s cure for negative emotions, and learn to truly be anxious for nothing.

Get this book and shortcut your learning curve to overcome worry – and open up a brand new way of living – overcome worry and anxiety for good!

Isn’t it time to trade anxiety for peace?

Stop worrying and start living – scroll up and click the Buy Button now.

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Kindle Countdown Deals:

Prosperity for Writers: A Writer's Guide to Creating Abundance (The Prosperous Writer Series Book 1)

Prosperity for Writers: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Abundance (The Prosperous Writer Series Book 1)

Honoree Corder

This is Your Year to Become a Full-Time Writer!


“Prosperity for Writers is amazing, the only book of its kind that takes the principles of prosperity and abundance and applies them specifically to writing and writers. This is a must read for all who seek to live more creatively and abundantly.”

“Honorée provides a practical and powerful process for breaking through the blocks getting in our way.”

“Prosperity for Writers is a MUST READ for any creative trying to make a living with their art.”
You work hard on your writing. Get the earnings and the life you deserve!

Writers don’t get paid much. At least, that’s what you’ve convinced yourself. You believe that you’ve taken up the mantle of the starving artist, and that means you have to struggle for every cent you earn. But what if a simple change in beliefs and tactics could lead you to abundance and success? Your time would be better spent and your bank account would finally be full from your creative efforts. Author Honorée Corder is here to help you transform your life.

Most books on writing touch on craft or marketing. Prosperity for Writers goes in a different direction entirely, providing you with the techniques, tools, and ideas you need to revolutionize your writing business and beliefs. Based on her innovative course, Honorée and a laundry list of forward-thinking writers will change your mindset for good into one of abundance. Once you’ve transformed your inner world, you’ll be able to boost your bank account with proven action steps that will help you live off your writing.

With Honorée’s invaluable 100-day plan and daily practices by your side, you’ll go from struggling to prosperous faster than you ever thought possible. By sharing her money-changing beliefs, affirmations, and proven success stories, Honorée has elevated writers from every area of the profession to financial success. Don’t suffer any longer. Read this book to finally become the person you knew you could be: a financially-successful career writer.
Buy the transformative guide to claim your prosperity today!

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You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)

You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)

Jeff Goins

Becoming a writer begins with a simple but important belief: You are a writer; you just need to write.

In You Are a Writer, Jeff Goins shares his own story of self-doubt and what it took for him to become a professional writer. He gives you practical steps to improve your writing, get published in magazines, and build a platform that puts you in charge.

This book is about what it takes to be a writer in the 21st Century. You will learn the importance of passion and discipline and how to show up every day to do the work.

Here’s what else you will learn:

– How to transition from wanting to be a writer to actually being one
– What “good” writing is (and isn’t)
– How to stop waiting to be picked and finally choose yourself
– What it takes to build a platform
– Why authors need to brand themselves (and how to do it)
– Tips for freelancing, guest blogging, and getting published in magazines
– Different ways to network with other writers, artists, and influencers
– The importance of blogging and social media and how to use it well to find more readers and fans of your writing

You Are a Writer will help you fall back in love with writing and build an audience who shares your love. It’s about living the dream of a life dedicated to words.


Table of Contents


Part 1: Writing

You ARE a Writer: Claiming the Title
Writers Write
The Myth of Good
It Gets Tough

Part 2: Getting Read

Three Tools Every Writer Needs
You Need a Platform
Your Brand is You
Channels of Connection

Part 3: Taking Action

Getting Started
Before Your First Book
When the Pitching Ends
What Next?

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131 Conversations For Stepfamily Success: How to Grow Intimacy, Parent as a Team, and Build a Joyful Home (Creative Conversations Series Book 6)

131 Conversations For Stepfamily Success: How to Grow Intimacy, Parent as a Team, and Build a Joyful Home (Creative Conversations Series Book 6)

Jed Jurchenko

Grow your marriage, team-up with your spouse, and create a happy home!

Stepfamilies face difficulties that traditional families never know. These challenges increased disconnect between spouses, additional heartache, and a significantly higher rate of divorce. Yet, in spite of all of this, stepfamily success is still possible. This book is for parents long to defy the odds by building a joy filled home.

In this book, you will discover:

The four unique obstacles that all stepfamilies face.
The single most important ingredient for stepfamily success.
Three specific actions you can take to connect with your spouse and team-up on the journey ahead.

Then, take action, with 131 creative conversation starters that foster intimacy, teamwork, and joy. This book is not filled with idealized theories that do not work in real life. Instead, it is written by a husband and wife team who are well acquainted with all of the challenges and delights of stepfamily life.

Jenny and I are firm believers that God loves stepfamilies! We know that−regardless of past and current messes−God is willing and able transform your family into His masterpiece!

Conversation Starters Include:

Statics report that, 66% of remarried couples break up when children are involved. What are some of the steps that you and your spouse will take to be in the 44% of couples who defy these odds?
Imagine that you have the ability to assign each family member a superpower. What extraordinary ability would you give to each person, and why?
Imagine you have the ability to peer ten years into the future and preview the life of your stepfamily. Describe what you see−or hope that you see−ten years from now.

This book is part of the Creative Conversations Series, which includes:

131 Creative Conversations for Couples
131 More Creative Conversations for Couples
131 Necessary Conversations before Marriage
131 Creative Conversations for Families
131 Creative Conversations for Kids
131 Conversations for Stepfamily Success

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The Renovation: A Project Restoration Novel (Project Restoration Series Book 1)

The Renovation: A Project Restoration Novel (Project Restoration Series Book 1)

Terri Kraus

Ethan Willis has made a career out of restoring old houses like the Carter Mansion so he’s an expert with doors and windows. He knows his way around a toolbox, a construction site, and anything else having to do with rebuilding. If only he could do the same with his own life. Tragically widowed and left with a young son, he’s done the best he could, but now that Chase has become a teenager that best somehow isn’t quite good enough.

For his part, Chase doesn’t know what he’d do without baseball, his best friend Elliott and the secret hideaway even his dad doesn’t know about. What he does know is that the reporter lady who suddenly started chatting with his dad can’t be a good thing.

In a small town where everyone knows everything, does an outsider—a young, cute, ambitious reporter-kind-of-outsider like Cameron Dane—even have a prayer of getting to know the handsome but moody builder? Does it matter that they both hold secrets from their pasts? And can Chase ever be freed from the hidden guilt of his mother’s death? Only time, and a special kind of patience, will tell.

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What Once Was Lost: A Novel

What Once Was Lost: A Novel

Kim Vogel Sawyer

A woman meant to serve, a child in the dark, a man standing apart—can these three souls embrace a God with new plans for them?

On a small Kansas farm, Christina Willems lovingly shepherds a group of poor and displaced individuals who count on her leadership and have come to see the Brambleville Asylum for the Poor as their home. But when a fire breaks out in the kitchen leaving the house uninhabitable, she must scramble to find shelter for all in her care, scattering her dear “family.”

With no other options, Christina is forced to approach Levi Jonnson, a reclusive mill owner, to take in a young blind boy named Tommy Kilgore. Levi agrees with reluctance but finds himself surprised by the bond that quickly grows between him and Tommy. As obstacles to repairing the farm pile up against Christina, she begins to question her leadership ability and wonders if she can fulfill the mission to which she’s dedicated her life. And when an old adversary challenges Christina, will she find an unlikely ally—or more—in the aloof Levi? Can Levi reconcile with the rejection that led to his hermit-like existence and open his heart and life to something more, especially a relationship with a loving God?

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Lethal Homecoming (Tanner Hollow Novella Book 1)

Lethal Homecoming (Tanner Hollow Novella Book 1)

Lynette Eason


Six years ago, danger sent Callie Ainsworth running, and now all she wants is to go home to Tanner Hollow. She’s received word that the danger is over, so she is free to be reunited with her mother and sister. When someone tries to kill Callie before she even reaches the driveway, she realizes she’s made a horrible mistake and danger still lurks. But this time she’s not running away.

Nolan Tanner had loved Callie as a teenager and has never gotten over her sudden, unexplained departure. When he rescues her from a killer on her first night home, old feelings come rushing back. Still angry at her for leaving him six years ago, he soon realizes she had good reason for taking off–and that he’s still holding out hope for a future with her. Can he catch the person who wants her dead and convince her she needs to stay home for good?

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