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REGENCY ROMANCE: A Marriage Made In Hope (A Clean Historical Love Story)

REGENCY ROMANCE: A Marriage Made In Hope (A Clean Historical Love Story)

Julia Fellowes

Could you marry an uncongenial person you only met for the first time two days before your wedding?
Evaline was a shy young woman who loved reading romance novels. When she became of age, she pleaded with her parents to not make her go through with an arranged marriage. She had always feared an unknown husband would neither be kind nor a good provider for her.

Business owner Owen Gladstone worried that his wife would be vapid and stupid. He did not dare to disobey his parents, but he had a longing for a particular type of woman. The yearning could not be quieted nor suppressed no matter how hard he attempted.

When Evaline and Owen meet for the first time just two days before their wedding, it becomes clear this is not going to be a marriage made in heaven.

Evaline wants nothing more than to stop the wedding, and tries to think of an idea that can save her from despair. On the big day itself, Owen considers leaving the back door of the chapel.

How can a marriage possibly survive when there is no love between them?

When disharmony prevails, what will the future hold? Can Evaline and Owen find happiness and love in an arranged marriage, or will it be a business deal masquerading as a marriage?

A MARRIAGE MADE IN HOPE is a story of love that will keep your heart enthralled and your mind submerged into the regency romance. This delightful story is gentle and easy-to-read, and it is whole and conclusive (i.e. not part of a serial). If you’re seeking a complete historical romantic story that’s neither too long nor too short, passionate, yet not sexually explicit, featuring vivid characters in the Regency era, then you’ll enjoy A Marriage Made In Hope. Read it today!

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