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A Woman of Fortune (Texas Gold Collection): A Texas Gold Novel (Texas Gold series Book 1)

A Woman of Fortune (Texas Gold Collection): A Texas Gold Novel (Texas Gold series Book 1)

Kellie Coates Gilbert

Five out of five stars for a wonderful book…

Michelle Kidwell

Texas socialite Claire Massey is living the dream. Her world is filled with designer clothes, luxury cars, and stunning homes. But her Neiman-Marcus lifestyle comes crashing down when her charming cattle broker husband is arrested for fraud. Suddenly, she finds herself facing attorneys, a media frenzy, and a trail of broken hearts. Betrayed and humiliated, Claire must start over against incredible odds to save her family–and discover a life worth living.

Poignant and emotionally gripping, A Woman of Fortune reveals the many ways we deceive ourselves and how resilience of the heart is essential to authentic living. Drawing on her experiences as a legal investigator, author Kellie Coates Gilbert delivers emotionally gripping plots and authentic characters. Readers will love Claire’s unbending determination as she strives to keep her family from falling apart and learns to embrace the kind of fortune that lasts.

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One Perfect Spring: A Novel

One Perfect Spring: A Novel

Irene Hannon

A very emotional but tenderhearted tale of hope, and love, with many twists and turns. I enjoyed ONE PERFECT SPRING. I usually read her Romantic Suspense stories, but I gotta say her Contemporary Romance is just as thrilling and emotional

My Book Addiction and More

“Irene Hannon is one great storyteller.”–Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Independent single mom Claire Summers is doing her best to make lemonade out of the lemons life has handed her. Workaholic Keith Watson is interested only in the bottom line–until a letter from Claire’s eleven-year-old daughter reaches his desk and changes everything.

As the executive assistant to a philanthropic businessman, Keith is used to fielding requests for donations. But the girl isn’t asking for money. She wants help finding the long-lost son of a neighbor. As Keith reluctantly digs into this assignment in his usual results-oriented style, he has no idea how involved he and Claire will become–nor how unusual the results will actually be. Who could have guessed that a child’s kindhearted request would bring love and hope to so many lives . . . including his own?

Through compelling characters and surprising plot twists, fan favorite Irene Hannon offers this tenderhearted story that demonstrates how life is like lilacs–the biggest blooms come only after the harshest winters.

“Hannon’s multithread plot is woven beautifully together to create a tapestry that will enchant romantics of all ages.”–Publishers Weekly

Irene Hannon is the bestselling author of over forty-five books, including That Certain Summer. Her romance and suspense fiction has won many awards, including two coveted RITAs, a Carol, two HOLT Medallions, a National Readers’ Choice, a Daphne du Maurier, a Retailers Choice, and two Reviewers’ Choice Awards from RT Book Reviews magazine. In addition, she is a Christy Award finalist, and Booklist included one of her novels in its “Top 10 Inspirational Fiction” list for 2011. She lives in Missouri. Learn more at

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Submerged (Alaskan Courage Book #1)

Submerged (Alaskan Courage Book #1)

Dani Pettrey

And the writing! Wow, was I impressed. So vivid, sharp, and clean. Takes the reader right into the moment, making the characters come alive. And the way she described Yancey, Alaska and all its charm makes me want to go visit this little town. Very well done!

Katie Garvin

“Submerged is romantic suspense that will keep you up at night!”–Bestselling Author Dee Henderson

A sabotaged plane. Two dead deep-water divers.

One single clue.

Bailey Craig vowed never to set foot in Yancey, Alaska, again. She has a past, and a reputation–and Yancey’s a town that doesn’t forget. She’s returned only to bury a loved one killed in the plane crash, but then dark evidence emerges and Bailey’s own expertise becomes invaluable for the case.

Cole McKenna can face dangerous rescue dives. He can face the fear a murderer may be threatening his town. But facing the reality of Bailey’s reappearance is a tougher challenge. She broke his heart…but doesn’t seem to be the same girl who left Yancey ten years ago. And he’s not the same guy she left behind.

Racing against the clock and a rising body count, Bailey and Cole must move beyond the hurts of their pasts to work together until the truth of what is hidden in the depths finally surfaces.

“An amazing story of faith, suspense, the power of forgiveness and second chances! Dani Pettrey has a gift for developing characters to fall in love with…” –Lynette Eason, bestselling author of THE WOMEN OF JUSTICE series

“Pettrey is a new author to watch. Recommended for fans of Dee Henderson.”–Library Journal

“A spell binding mystery, full of suspense and a great story that will pull you in.”–The Suspense Zone

“[A] steadily paced thriller…Pettrey’s debut novel is a thoughtful attempt to capture both love and suspense in this intricately plotted mystery.”–Publishers Weekly

“Combining romance, danger, and a dose of Russian history, the novel proves a rapid and entertaining read.”–Booklist

“Brimming with romance, suspense, faith, and forgiveness, Submerged is a superbly written debut novel from Dani Pettrey that will satisfy readers of nearly any genre.”–Portland Book Review

“Submerged is filled with action and mystery, engaging the reader from the first scene. . . . Pettrey sustains a high level of suspense throughout the narrative.” -ForeWord Reviews

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Narnia: Unlocking the Wardrobe

Narnia: Unlocking the Wardrobe

Paul A. Karkainen

This book gives an amazing insight into C.S. Lewis. The thought process of Lewis that is brought out in this book is amazing. I highly recommend it to the scholar or casual fan of Lewis

Thomas L. Holmes

Step into the world of Narnia

Narnia: Unlocking the Wardrobe is your companion to understanding the well-loved books that make up the Chronicles of Narnia. This accessible guide examines the allegory and symbolism found in each of the seven Narnia books. Each chapter covers one book in the series, giving insight into characters, settings, and author C. S. Lewis’s worldview.

Narnia will enrich your understanding of this classic series, bringing to light the powerful lessons in each story.

Paul A. Karkainen is a teacher and a longtime fan of Aslan. He lives in Washington State.

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Rebekah's Treasure

Rebekah’s Treasure

Sylvia Bambola

I really enjoyed this book. It takes a different twist in what happened several years here on earth after Jesus returns to the Father. Very interesting.

Melissa Finnegan

2015 Book of the Year Christian Small Publishers Association, Christian Historical Fiction

2014 Reader’s Favorite Bronze Medal Winner, Christian-Historical Fiction

Forced to flee war-torn Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Rebekah and her husband, Ethan, each take something of value: Rebekah, the cup of the Last Supper; Ethan, a copper scroll detailing the whereabouts of a vast Temple treasure. Ahead, separation and danger face them as each tries to survive. But it’s not only external forces that could keep them apart forever but internal ones as they struggle to discover where their true treasure lies.

Rebekah’s Treasure has won first place for adult fiction in the Florida State Association National League of American Pen Women. The novel’s combination of history, love and suspense will capture and engage readers right from the start.

“Rebekah’s Treasure by Sylvia Bambola is a tale that will capture your attention and heart. Set in war-torn Israel when zealots fought for the honor of the Temple and Jerusalem, when the majesty and might of Rome became a terror and a scourge, one Jewish family’s story twists and turns with passion, action, and love. This novel will not only entertain, but satisfy the most avid reader. Well done, Bambola. Well done.” Barbara C. Nelson, author of Women on a Mission

“Sylvia Bambola, in her historical novel, Rebekah’s Treasure, surrounds actual events with an intriguing fictional story and skillfully draws in the reader. Normally not a reader of fiction, myself, I found I was unable to put down this fascinating book until it was finished!” Cindy Miller, author of The Home That God Built

“To read Rebekah’s Treasure, by Sylvia Bambola, is to become engulfed in an intricate work of art. As your mind joins itself to the story, it will absorb the fibers and finely crafted strands of its tapestry until you are completely captivated. Rich in detail, reading this book is nearly like watching a movie. Bambola has done a remarkable job of deliberately weaving each carefully chosen thread into a story that will alter the way you view the past and the future . . . forever.” Christina Cook Lee, music/media producer and author of A Quest for Virtue

“Rebekah’s Treasure, a love story that unfolds in the midst of impossible circumstances, captivates the reader from the first page to the last. Drama, suspense, passion, faith—all the elements of a riveting read are found in this novel which follows a family torn apart by Jerusalem’s struggle for survival in 70 A.D. The author’s exquisite gift for storytelling combined with historically-accurate backdrops, make this book a treasure. I couldn’t put it down!” Joanne Derstine Curphey, Director of Communications at Christian Retreat, columnist for Today’s Seniors of America, free-lance editor and writer.

“For everyone who enjoys historical fiction, Rebekah’s Treasure will be right up your alley. Sylvia Bambola has written an extremely well researched story of the fall of Jerusalem. For you who love love-stories, you’ll also find this book is for you. If you like mysteries, again this book is for you. I heartily recommend it.” Joe Fouraker, Florida State Faith Fund Coordinator for Gideons International, on Board of Directors of Gospel Crusade, Northwest airlines 747 captain—retired, and history buff.

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Hidden Places: A Novel

Hidden Places: A Novel

Lynn Austin

A Truly charming and wonderful book. Highly recommended!!

Gregory Nyman

A deep yearning for home had led Eliza to Wyatt Orchards ten years ago. Now widowed with three young
children, she faces mounting debts and the realization it is all up to her. But she has no idea how to run an orchard alone. When a stranger appears at her doorstep, Eliza guesses he is no different than the other out-of-luck characters searching for work during the Depression. But the familiarity with which Gabe tends to the farm raises unanswered questions. With a vulnerable heart, she is unwittingly drawn to his gentle ways. But Eliza also fears that Gabe hides a past and motives that could jeopardize all she has fought to attain for herself and her children….

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The Amazing World of Rice

The Amazing World of Rice

Marie Simmons

Knowledgeable and informative rice book and cookbook. Everything you ever needed to know about rice and didn’t know you needed to know.

Johnnie L. Brophy

Today’s market shelves are lined with unique varieties of rice from all over the world. Join noted cookbook author and Bon Appétit columnist Marie Simmons on a journey through the amazing world of rice — from learning how to select the right type of rice for every dish to the best ways to prepare each kind.

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Freezer Meals for Every Kitchen: Top 50 Freezer Meals That Everyone Will Love

Freezer Meals for Every Kitchen: Top 50 Freezer Meals That Everyone Will Love

Michael E. Reese

Along with all of this useful information are fifty recipes for freezer meals for every meal. I know I’m going to give each one of these a try and definitely recommend this book.


You’ve Come Home & You’re Too Tired to Prepare A Full Meal For Your Family?

Did You Know That Make Ahead Freezer Meals Could Save The Day?

Slash Your Grocery Budget With Freezer Meals! Discover the Top 50 Freezer Meals for Every Kitchen

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This Book Will Teach You Step-by-Step on How To Prepare and Freeze Homemade Meals.

Today Only, Get this Freezer Meals Recipes book for just $2.99. Click the “Buy” button and Start Making Healthy and Homemade Freezer Meals.
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This book is a guide to preparing and freezing real, healthy, homemade meals so that on busy days you get to avoid being enslaved to your kitchen preparing dinner for your hungry brood – particularly after coming home dead tired after a hard day’s work. With this book, you will learn the secrets of making freezer meals (make-ahead meals) which are not only healthy, delicious, and purely homemade, but that also require very little or no further preparations prior to serving.

This book has everything you need to know about this trendy, healthy kitchen fad that has caught the fancy not only of working moms and single parents, but everyone with a rather hectic and active lifestyle. This book was written for those of you who want to try freezer cooking but are overwhelmed by the thought of where and how to start.

The book contains 50 of the best freezer meal recipes to give your make-ahead- meal journey a jumpstart. You’ll also find the various freezer meal tips and tricks in this book deeply insightful and truly helpful.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn After Downloading Freezer Meal Recipes Kindle book:

Get Rid of your Dinner Time “Calgon, Take Me Away” Moments with Freezer Meals
Taking your First Freezer Cooking Baby Steps
Preventing Freezer Burns
Freezer Meal Planning
Your 50 Freezer Friendly Recipes

You’ll Find The Following Main Benefits in This Freezer Friendly Recipes Book.

=> Proven steps on how to prepare healthy freezer meals.

=> The navigation between the chapters has been made super easy.

=> The freezer meal recipes kindle book comes with Linked table of contents which made jumping to your preferred chapter very easy by just clicking on the title.

Take Action Right Away To Make Easy and Healthy Freezer Meals!

Download Today This Book, “Freezer Meals for Every Kitchen: Top 50 Freezer Meals That Everyone Will Love”, for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

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Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World

Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World

Michael S. Horton

Full of wisdom and ever winsome, Horton takes the reader through the challenge facing the North American Church today–letting the culture set the tone for the life and ministry of the church.

Lucas V. Woodford

Radical. Crazy. Transformative and restless. Every word we read these days seems to suggest there’s a “next-best-thing,” if only we would change our comfortable, compromising lives. In fact, the greatest fear most Christians have is boredom—the sense that they are missing out on the radical life Jesus promised. One thing is certain. No one wants to be “ordinary.”

Yet pastor and author Michael Horton believes that our attempts to measure our spiritual growth by our experiences, constantly seeking after the next big breakthrough, have left many Christians disillusioned and disappointed. There’s nothing wrong with an energetic faith; the danger is that we can burn ourselves out on restless anxieties and unrealistic expectations. What’s needed is not another program or a fresh approach to spiritual growth; it’s a renewed appreciation for the commonplace.

Far from a call to low expectations and passivity, Horton invites readers to recover their sense of joy in the ordinary. He provides a guide to a sustainable discipleship that happens over the long haul—not a quick fix that leaves readers empty with unfulfilled promises. Convicting and ultimately empowering, Ordinary is not a call to do less; it’s an invitation to experience the elusive joy of the ordinary Christian life.

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A Mid-Summer's Mail-Order Bride (Holiday Mail Order Brides Book 12)

A Mid-Summer’s Mail-Order Bride (Holiday Mail Order Brides Book 12)

Kit Morgan

Kit Morgan has done it again. I just love this series (love all her series). I am so glad theat Bernice got her story. Plus we got to see characters from some of the previous books. The Weaver twins are always up to something.


Bernice Caulder has been unlucky in love for as long as she can remember, and now that she was a mail-order bride, she wondered if her bad luck didn’t follow her from her home town of Independence, Oregon all the way to Nowhere. a tiny speck of a town in the Washington territory. Why else would her husband-to-be be having such a hard time making up his mind about her?

Warren Johnson had his life all planned out, and it didn’t involve a wife any time soon. But when his grandfather ups and orders him a mail-order bride (not to mention fails to tell Warren about it) his life is turned upside down. He didn’t want a wife, didn’t plan on a wife, and by golly, he was going to make sure he stuck to his life’s schedule! But did fate have other plans?

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The Gate: A Novel

The Gate: A Novel

Dann A. Stouten

This is a very interesting and compelling book. It refreshed and renewed my spiritual life with the accounts of what we have to look forward to in heaven


Every life is a story. Schuyler Hunt is about to come face-to-face with the author of his.

When a planned getaway with his wife turns into a shopping trip for the girls, Schuyler Hunt finds himself looking for something else to do. An ad for a vacation cottage catches his eye, and he sets off in search of a much-needed break. When he arrives, he finds something far different from the typical summer home experience. In fact, he may have found a little slice of heaven.

The proprietor–along with a number of unexpected and yet familiar guests–welcomes him with food, rest, and conversation, until what started out as an escape from everyday life turns into something much, much more . . .

“There is a real world all around us. We taste and feel it every day. There is also another world where God dwells and those who have gone before us live with Jesus. Dann Stouten helps us discover that these two places intersect more than we often notice. If we pay close attention, we just might see, smell, and learn to taste the goodness of a world beyond this one.”–Kevin Harney, author of Reckless Faith

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Through the Tears (Sandy Cove Series Book 2)

Through the Tears (Sandy Cove Series Book 2)

Rosemary Hines

I can recommend Rosemary’s books to anyone who enjoys Christian fiction.


Michelle Baron sat on the edge of the couch, her heart racing as she looked at the envelope in her hand. I guess this is it, she thought. The return address seemed harmless enough. Fairfield Lab, Portland, Oregon. But this envelope contained information that could change her life forever.

Michelle and her family rejoice when her father begins to regain consciousness after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. But a long journey awaits, as they seek to clear his name of the embezzlement charges that drove him to this desperate act. The days of their vigil at the hospital drag into weeks, and Michelle finds herself repeatedly drawn to the newborn nursery. Observing couples leave with tiny babes in their arms, her heart is stirred, and she begins to yearn for a child of her own. However, an unexpected twist will threaten her new dream.

Through the Tears — the second novel in the Sandy Cove series — delivers a message of hope in the midst of longing and disappointment.

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Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Pamela S. Meyers

The descriptions of the beautiful town of Lake Geneva and especially of the building of the Rivera are worth the read to anyone who is familiar with the area or you just want to remember or learn about an earlier era. Pamela has definitely done her research.

Tammie Edington Shaw

It’s 1933, the height of the Big-Band era, and beautiful Lake Geneva is already well established as a summertime playground for Chicago’s elite. Local girl Meg Alden works at the town newspaper, but she aspires to be a reporter—a job given only to men. When a position opens up, Meg spies an opportunity to break into the business. That is, until Jack Wallace, the son of a big-city newspaper magnate, is hired instead. Jack is drawn to Meg and suggests they combine forces to uncover a local scandal. But how can Meg work with the man who stole her job… and makes her pulse race?

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