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Confidence: How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Achieve Your Goals

Confidence: How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Achieve Your Goals

Martin Meadows

This book is a great addition to the authors other works. There is no way a person can remain unmotivated and unsuccessful after reading these books and making use of the tips and instructions contained within. A very worthy read!

James H. Mayfield

Unsure of Yourself? Learn How to Develop More Confidence in Your Abilities and Achieve Your Goals

Most of us have no problems identifying goals we want to accomplish. It’s putting these plans into action that is difficult.

Sometimes we lack discipline or motivation. However, there’s another reason why you might struggle to make changes in your life – you have low self-efficacy.

What is self-efficacy? What are the main four sources of it? How can you develop more confidence in your abilities?

These are some of the questions I’ll answer in this short book. The advice you’re about to read is based both on scientific research and my personal experience. I will share fundamental knowledge that will help you build more confidence in your abilities and reach your goals.

Here are just a few things you will learn from the book:

– Five characteristics of people with strong self-efficacy and five characteristics of people with weak self-efficacy. These behaviors determine whether you’ll realize your full potential or succumb to mediocrity.

– What you can learn from building a university in space (and what it has to do with the belief in your own abilities). It’s the single most important thing to achieve bigger and bigger goals.

– A simple therapy to teach you how to handle failure the right way. It’s uncomfortable, but you can be sure it will kill your fear of failure once and for all.

– What a strange study about hitting dolls or treating them kindly can teach you about how others affect your beliefs about your competence. It’s the second most effective way to increase the strength of your belief in your abilities.

– What a phenomenon discovered by a German industrial psychologist can teach you about motivation. There’s a simple way to inspire you to put more effort into your goals.

– The #1 key to improving the confidence in your abilities. If you don’t have time to read the entire book, read this one tip alone.

– What a study on experts and novices can teach you about how experts approach problems. You too can adapt this behavior to shorten your learning curve and develop a stronger belief in your abilities.

If you don’t actively work on developing a strong sense of self-efficacy, making any kind of changes in your life will be an extremely difficult ordeal. Scroll up and buy this book now to change your life for the better.

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The Lion's World: A Journey into the Heart of Narnia

The Lion’s World: A Journey into the Heart of Narnia

Rowan Williams

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Former Arch Bishop Rowan Williams really gets at the heart of much of what Lewis wants to reveal about God and ourselves in the Narnia books (and, in broader discussion, his other works).

D Glover

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams offers fascinating insight into The Chronicles of Narnia, the popular series of novels by one of the most influential Christian authors of the modern era, C. S. Lewis.
Lewis once referred to certain kinds of book as a “mouthwash for the imagination.” This is what he attempted to provide in the Narnia stories, argues Williams: an unfamiliar world in which we could rinse out what is stale in our thinking about Christianity–“which is almost everything,” says Williams–and rediscover what it might mean to meet the holy. Indeed, Lewis’s great achievement in the Narnia books is just that-he enables readers to encounter the Christian story “as if for the first time.” How does Lewis makes fresh and strange the familiar themes of Christian doctrine? Williams points out that, for one, Narnia itself is a strange place: a parallel universe, if you like. There is no “church” in Narnia, no religion even. The interaction between Aslan as a “divine” figure and the inhabitants of this world is something that is worked out in the routines of life itself. Moreover, we are made to see humanity in a fresh perspective, the pride or arrogance of the human spirit is chastened by the revelation that, in Narnia, you may be on precisely the same spiritual level as a badger or a mouse. It is through these imaginative dislocations that Lewis is able to communicate–to a world that thinks it knows what faith is–the character, the feel, of a real experience of surrender in the face of absolute incarnate love.
This lucid, learned, humane, and beautifully written book opens a new window onto Lewis’s beloved stories, revealing the moral wisdom and passionate faith beneath their perennial appeal.

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Living From the Inside Out: Igniting a Life of Intimacy with God

Living From the Inside Out: Igniting a Life of Intimacy with God

Antonio Baldovinos

Be set free today….Get ahold of Antonio’s book, “Living From The Inside Out”, and begin to live from the inside out in deep intimacy with God. This will be a Life Changing Journey for you!

Leslie Rasmussen

Reignite your heart and live with passion for God!

Today, many Christians look more like the world than Christ. Why?

Immediately, we try to blame sin, corruption, and the immoral state of society— all external things. But what if there is a deeper issue that demands a deeper solution? What if we could identify the very factors that, when practiced, could cause believers to enjoy a lifestyle of passion and pursuit of God?

In Living From the Inside Out, prayer leader Antonio Baldovinos goes straight to the heart of the matter—the heart of the believer.

Get ready for your heart to burn for Jesus as you…

• Figure out why God created you and discover how He sees you
• Pursue the pleasures that bring you true satisfaction
• Develop a daily lifestyle of intimacy with the Holy Spirit
• Experience victory over desires of the flesh by building up a strong spirit

You were created to experience God intimately and reflect Him clearly. As your heart burns for Him, the world will want to experience the One who ignited it—Jesus!

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The Homeplace (Singing River Series Book 1)

The Homeplace (Singing River Series Book 1)

Gilbert Morris

This is the first book of a great series. I have so enjoyed all of the four books in this series You really get attached to the family and grow to love all of them.

Sharon L. Guditis

Lanie took out her journal and dated it April 12, 1928. She started the habit of writing down everything that happened to her when she was no more than eight years old, and now she had six journals completely full. She thought about the prize at school, almost prayed to win, but somehow she could not. “God,” she finally said, “I’ll do my best, and if you’ll help me, that’s all I ask.”

Fourteen-year-old Lanie Belle Freeman of Fairhope, Arkansas, has high hopes for her future. Happy on the five-acre family homeplace, she dreams of going to college and becoming a writer. And with her father launching a new business and her mother expecting the fifth baby, the bright days of an early Southern spring seem to herald expansive new beginnings for the Freeman family.

But her mother isn’t as strong as she should be, and it’s going to take time for the business to pay back the mortgage. When unexpected tragedy strikes, it is left to Lanie to keep the family together and hold on to their home. In a world shaken by the Great Depression, it is faith in God and love in a tightly knit family that will help Lanie and her siblings overcome the odds and create a future that promises the fulfillment of love.

The Homeplace offers a warmhearted and inspiring saga of a courageous young woman who holds her family together through the Depression era.

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Love at Harvest Moon (Holiday Mail Order Brides, Book Seven)

Love at Harvest Moon (Holiday Mail Order Brides, Book Seven)

Kit Morgan

Love at Harvest Moon made my autumn! I loved the story of Finn and Eva, but throw in the fact we saw Dallan MacDonald and the perfect recipe for a story was set. If Kit Morgan wrote western fiction on cereal boxes, I would have to buy up the boxes, even though we don’t eat cereal!

cindy j.

Eva Brock’s mother was the most over-bearing, controlling, and opinionated woman she had ever known, and if she didn’t escape out from under her roof, she’d have Eva married off to a man not twice, but THREE times her age! Her only hope was to become a mail-order bride and marry herself off before her mother did.

Finn Mullany wasn’t looking for a wife, and didn’t want one. Or rather, he didn’t deserve one! He’d made some mistakes of late that cost his best friend his sight, and Finn was having a pretty hard time dealing with the aftermath. But what he didn’t know, was that sometimes forgiveness comes in many forms, and many ways, and Lorcan Brody, Finn’s best friend found a way to show him he’d forgiven Finn completely. But would the love of a mail-order bride be enough to help Finn forgive himself?

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The Scum of All Fears: Squeaky Clean Mysteries, Book 5

The Scum of All Fears: Squeaky Clean Mysteries, Book 5

Christy Barritt

This is a fast paced mystery thriller with a sense of humor midst all the fear and trembling. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery – and doubly so to anyone who enjoys a good mystery with a Christian foundation.

Amazon Customer

“I’ll get out, and I’ll get even.”

Gabby St. Claire is back to crime-scene cleaning, at least temporarily. With her business partner on his honeymoon, she needs help after a weekend killing spree fills up her work docket. She quickly realizes she has bigger problems than finding temporary help.

A serial killer her fiancé, a former prosecutor, put behind bars has escaped. His last words to Riley were: I’ll get out, and I’ll get even. Pictures of Gabby are found in the man’s prison cell, and Riley fears the sadistic madman has Gabby in his sights.

Gabby tells herself there’s no way the Scum River Killer will make it across the country from California to Virginia without being caught. But then messages are left for Gabby at crime scenes, and someone keeps slipping in and out of her apartment.

When Gabby’s temporary assistant disappears, Gabby must figure out who’s behind these crimes. The search for answers becomes darker when Gabby realizes she’s dealing with a criminal who’s more than evil. He’s truly the scum of the earth, and he’ll do anything to make Gabby and Riley’s lives a living nightmare.


Other books in the Squeaky Clean series:
1–Hazardous Duty
2–Suspicious Minds
2.5–It Came Upon a Midnight Crime (a novella)
3–Organized Grime
4–Dirty Deeds
5–The Scum of All Fears
6–To Love, Honor, and Perish
7–Mucky Streak (coming March 2014)

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