Interested in More FREE Books from eReader Girl?

As a lot of you know, when eReader Girl first started, we were mostly bringing a selection of FREE ebooks to you each day, with only a few discounted books sprinkled in. This is the service that we LOVED providing for you, it’s where our passion was. Everything was going along great, and then Amazon changed the game.

They grew concerned at the amount of affiliate sales that were being generated via free books, so they gave ebook sites some strict limitations to work within. Without getting too technical, this is why we had to greatly reduce the amount of free books we show you each day.

All along I’ve been trying to figure out how I can start bringing you a nice BIG list of the very best FREE books daily, while still making enough profit to keep the site going, and make it worth the time that we put into it.

Well, the time has come! I think I have a GREAT idea! But I want to find out how many are interested before I take the plunge.

Here are the details.

How would you feel about having a membership section of the site?

I will post at least 10 FREE books daily in this secret section of the site, and you would have access to it for the very low price of only $2.99 per month.

These would be 10 high quality ebooks that are a mix of Nonfiction, Christian Fiction, and Children’s books.

If you are a member of the secret section, you would still have access to the regular posts, and I wouldn’t be changing anything about the regular posts.

Plus, you’d be able to cancel your membership at any time.

Right now I’m just trying to gauge whether or not there is enough interest to pursue the idea. If you are interested, would you mind leaving me a short comment letting me know? Additionally, if you have any ideas on how I could make this even better, I’m all ears!

Adding an Addendum here: I know that there are many other free book sites, and I know that anyone can go search through Amazon and find free books. We are a site that is catering to Christian women and their interests, so that is reflected in the types of books that we find and display for you. We try to screen our books and leave out books with content that isn’t up to our standards (not perfectly, obviously, a few have slipped past us, but you get the idea 😉 ) I just wanted to put that out there so no one was thinking I was trying to pull the wool over your eyes. If our selection and book criteria are something that appeals to you, then the secret section might hold value. If not, that’s okay too!
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  1. YES, I would be willing to pay a monthly fee to see a comprehensive FREE list each day. Thanks for thinking on a solution.

  2. Greetings,
    I would not pay a membership fee because I have access to all the FREE titles that you do. One simple search on my Kindle and there they are. I can find FREE books in any genre.
    I love eReader Girl, but now there is Freebooksy and other FREE sites that sift through the free titles for you.
    Sorry, but there is no reason to pay for a membership.

  3. Yes, I would be interested! Thanks!

  4. No really great ideas but would love to be privy to the secret site!

  5. I would try this but not sure I would maintain a membership. I do not need children’s books so my membership would depend on what the free books are. Would try it though.

  6. Catherine says

    I’m totally on the fence about this. I already have enough books for 3 lifetimes, plus I suffer from the “fear of missing out” ordeal. I would prefer to not have to pay to have a look see on stuff I probably will never really read.

    • I’m going to ditto what Catherine says. I could’ve written her response. As much as I love being directed to good quality free and discounted books, in all honesty I have more than plenty to keep me occupied for the rest of my life. We’re on a tight budget so no, I wouldn’t pay for the service either. However, I do appreciate all you’ve done.

      • I am going to third what these ladies have said. While I would love the convenience of seeing more free, screened selections each day, the reason I’m drawn to the books are the fact that they are free which is sadly negated by the monthly fee.

    • I agree. I too have hundreds of free books to read but want more. What if I am not in the mood to read any of them? But I also have never paid for a book and I would feel the $2.99 a month would be better spent buying a book that is not free if I had it in my budget. I use two other sites daily as well to get free books and also amazon.

  7. I would not pay for a membership. Sorry 🙁

  8. I would not be interested in a membership, because like you say, I can find the free books myself. Not to mention the fact that I do not find books on a daily basis that I would read. Also, I have oodles of books on my kindle as well as my bookshelves that I haven’t read yet.

  9. I appreciate the service, but not enough to pay for it. I seldom take advantage of the books which are posted. I certainly appreciate your situation though, and will understand no matter what you feel you need to do. Thanks!

  10. I’m sorry your sweet intention to help your readers find excellent quality free ebooks has been hampered through no fault of your own. Thank you for your diligent efforts that have padded my library and devices with wonderful reading material! Now, please follow my logic a moment: It may sound ridiculous, but $35.88 yearly seems a little steep to me–but only because, in my attempt to be frugal, I’ve never had a specific budget for books. That said, in the interest of honesty, I’ll have to check my Amazon account to see what I’ve averaged spending over the past twelve months to know if perhaps I may have actually spent that amount, and more! If, by joining your service, I were to find a greater number of excellent caliber titles than I’ve found previously by perusing multiple book lists daily, then I’d think it worth my time to invest the $2.99 monthly for your service–especially since It’s highly likely I’d spend that amount on two or three $0.99-$1.99 books per month, anyway. The tricky part for you may be finding books to list that have not been repeatedly offered at $0.00 already, though longer-term eBook collectors should understand the occasional reposts in even a service such as you envision, so long as it isn’t a common occurrence. The difficult part for me will be restraining myself from purchasing $.99-$2.99 books I find elsewhere, once I’ve committed to a service such as you’ve described. You’ve given me something to think about, and I’ll be watching for your decision!

  11. Heather Leiby says

    Yes, I would be interested. As stated there are tons of free eBook sites, you can find and search for free eBooks all day long. My problem is searching through the huge amount of eBooks and their content. I get frustrated with searching and trying to weed through all the books, even using filters to tailor toward my interests, it still is more work then I want/have to make time for. Having someone pre-screen and cater to Christian Women with books that have a good content is a time saver for me, and I do think that time is money, so paying a fee would be agreeable to me personally. This is a service I can see using for an extended amount of time, that being said an annual subscription would interest me the most. Perhaps a month to month service with an option to buy a years worth (maybe at a cheaper cost for the year?) and then still include your cancel anytime , etc.

  12. I am really sorry I would not be able to participate in a monthly paid service to see a “secret section” of free Christian based books for women. The first reason is I do not like the idea of it having to be a “secret section”. I am really sorry if I am interpreting this wrong, but that to me says we are trying to “keep it under the table”. I don’t like secrets, but more importantly is I don’t think that having a “secret section” would promote integrity. I love Crystal, her money saving mom site and this site, but I would feel wrong paying to keep a “secret” and I know Crystal has very high morals, values and integrity. I just don’t feel this is a good way to promote her. Secondly, as the others and you have mentioned we can look on our Kindles or Amazon for a free list of Christian books. The third reason, like many others, I am sure I have more than enough books on my Kindle now to last a very long time. The last reason is there are days I don’t check this site because I have other priorities those days and there are also days that I check this site and don’t get any of the free books offered because I either already have them or they just don’t fit my interest that day.
    That all said I do hope you find a way to keep this site up and running. I hope that it continues to be done with the strong morals, values and the integrity that Crystal’s other sites (including this one) and she promote daily so well. I completely understand there are times when we truly enjoy something and we may have to stop because of reasons beyond our ability to change with the new rules, it is hard and even sad when this happens. I am personally going thru this right now with Swagbucks. I use Swagbucks to earn free Amazon gift cards to buy things we may not be able to otherwise afford. I have noticed some very offensive advertising on their game page and while I have brought it to their attention and am awaiting for them to remove the ad or at least give us a way to shut the ad down if we don’t want to view it, currently the only way to turn the ad off is to shut the site down, because this goes against my morals and values if it isn’t fixed I will not be using their site. I will miss the free Amazon gift cards, but my integrity will be in tact, nor will I be compromising my morals or values.
    I pray that you find a way to keep the site going, if it is God’s Will. It may be God closing this door to open another one in it’s place.

    • Tracy, I just want to clarify a few points.
      1. Perhaps “secret” isn’t the appropriate word as there is nothing under the table in what I am proposing. I am not trying to get around any rules here, I am just looking for a way to justify spending an additional 2 hours per day finding, screening, and formatting content for this site. Maybe “exclusive” would be a better word. The section of the site would not be open to everyone, just the people paying to see it, thus making it exclusive.
      2. Crystal is no longer involved in this site, she sold it to me over a year ago. She had nothing to do with this idea, so if you are questioning the integrity of this idea, please don’t include her in that assessment.

      • Ashley,
        As I stated early on, in my original comment, ” I am very sorry if I am interpreting this wrong”. Thank you for the clarification. I am truly sorry for my misunderstanding. I agree that “exclusive” is a much more appropriate word. With that wording, it would be very clear that there is nothing unseemly about the list of free books you would be providing for your subscribers.
        I apologize if you or Crystal thought I was questioning Crystals integrity. That was not my intent. As I said, “I am very sorry if I am interpreting this wrong”. I don’t question Crystal’ s integrity. I have followed her site long enough to know she places integrity at the top of everything she does or promotes. I truly believe if you were to put Crystals integrity under the most powerful microscope you would be very hard put to find her integrity lacking in any area! I had no idea that she was no longer affiliated with this site. If that was made public on this site, I missed reading it. As I said, I don’t check this site everyday, and frankly I don’t know if that was made public knowledge or not.
        I am very sorry if I have offended you, Crystal, or any of the subscribers. I thank you for the clarification. I see it was really just a poor choice of wording in the description of the name of the list that may be available to paying subscribers, if indeed you decided to go that route to compensate for the added time you would be required to spend to keep your site available.

        • That said I would not be willing to pay to see a list, that as you have said, we already have free access to through other venues. I have enjoyed your site and have added many books to my Kindle that this site has made available. Our budget simply does not allow for me to purchase books or subscription at this time.

        • Tracy, I wasn’t offended, just wanted to clarify. And you are right, Crystal’s integrity is above reproach.

  13. No, I wouldn’t pay for this. I can search on my own, the convenience isn’t worth a fee to me.

  14. I would not pay membership because some days I don’t download any of the free books because they don’t interest me. Therefore membership would not be worthwhile for me.

  15. Would not pay for a membership…. since can’t add one more monthly “bill” to the budget…..

  16. Lois Hatleberg says

    Yes, I would be interested, especially if it’s easy to stop the membership.

  17. Sarah Mc says

    I think paying a small fee is reasonable if the books are consistently of interest to the reader. People pay for convenience all the time, with prepared foods in the grocery store or eating out at restaurants. I probably would not pay it because I very rarely read fiction and don’t need children’s books, so I would not be able to justify the fee, as compared with the number of books I would get. I subscribe to another book service which normally has more of the type of books I read. I think people, in general, have gotten so spoiled with free information that it’s hard to realize that value costs. Also, several have mentioned being able to search on their own — again, that’s true for a lot of conveniences people pay for. It all depends on whether you have more money or more time on your hands.

  18. Marcia Lee says

    I think I would be interested. I appreciate the work that you do in finding Christian books for Christian women. I need that kind of service, because I only want to read books that have been filtered for language, sexual explicitness, etc.

  19. I would not pay for a membership since I can search for free books on my own. I didn’t realize Amazon was limiting you, and I’m sorry for it. I’ll download through you when possible, but since I only ever get the free ones, paying $2.99 a month would kind of make them not so free anymore. Sorry.

  20. Hi, Yes I would be interested in a membership. I am however not interested in Christian or any other Romance novels, I like Christian Non Fiction, and Biographies, which I find are not very well represented at the moment. It seems that it is mainly Romance and Recipe books that are offered as Free Ebooks ( from most ebook sites I have looked into). This BTW is Just a comment, not a criticism in any way.

  21. Susan M. says

    I would not pay for a membership, because I am a homeschool mom looking for free books for my daughter to read and I cannot afford a membership fee. I would be sad, but totally understand if this is what you feel you need to do.

  22. I would definitely be interested. I love the fact that you cater to Christian women. Thanks for keeping this going.

  23. No, I wouldn’t pay a monthly fee for this. I like the service the way it is now. Not interested in paying a subscription fee. Thank you.

  24. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to afford that much each month, especially if it only gets me access to 10 or so free books a day–because I certainly don’t download every book posted. I look for specific themes and authors and a lot of the Christian books posted on free e-book websites (not just yours) are historical and I have no interest in those. I am disabled and bedridden so since I am unable to work, every penny matters which is why I read free books in the first place.
    I don’t dislike your idea and I hope that people take you up on it so that you can continue forward as you wish… I just am not in a place where I can afford over $35 a year for something I can find for free with a little more search time. I wish you the very best. 🙂

  25. Cathi Ogden says

    I read a lot of books and the free books give me something to read but I don’t buy books because I can’t afford to. I have been out of work for 17 months and my husband started a new job last month that pays a lot less, the job he was at was doing away with his position so he would have been out of work. There is no way I could afford to pay to be able to get free books. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would have this problem but it’s frustrating to be asked to pay in order to get something free.

  26. Donna Rayborn says

    I would be glad to pay the small monthly fee. I have so enjoyed this website and have had the opportunity to read many books I would otherwise not been able to due to cost.

    I also have found this website to be the most user friendly site I have ever used. So, a big thank you for all you’ve done.

  27. Lauren Tarbell says

    I wouldn’t pay $2.99 per month for the service. I might pay 99 cents per month. I appreciate the idea, but I have the same concerns others have shared about reposts as well as a tight budget. in the meantime, thank you so much for providing the service!

  28. Thank you for all that you do to provide so many great book suggestions! I understand the need for the fee and it is reasonable. I am interested, but at this point just not sure that I would be willing to pay it. I have tons and tons of books waiting to be read already, and only 3 or 4 of those were not free. So this subscription would definitely be an increase in the budget for me. That said, I don’t have the time to search for free CLEAN reading material, so your service would definitely be worth it. I would have to say no for now, but maybe in the future I would sign up.

  29. I think 2:99 is most reasonable as long as the books are varied, I would pay

  30. Kimberly says

    I like the idea and think it is more than fair to pay someone to do the browsing and organizing, but I would not subscribe.

  31. I would not pay for a list of free books. The idea is for it all to be free, so paying for a membership negates that. I do like your site, but I would like to see the book’s price listed along with all the other information you include about it. I don’t want to see a book I like and then go to get it and find that it costs money. I usually only get the books if they are free. Very rarely will I pay and only if it seems to be a very good book. Also, it seems like a lot of the fiction books you post are one of a series. I have enough to do and read already. I don’t need to get started on book series. Please try to include more single title books.

  32. I would subscribe

  33. Brandy Adams says

    Yes I would be interested in paying for free books, When I read that it does not look right, LOL!