Ultimate Homemaking Bundle–Review of Equipped by Elisa Pulliam

Yesterday I hinted that I would be reviewing a few of my favorite books from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale, and I decided to start with one that I am taking the time to read slowly so that I can soak up all of the wisdom.


I am going through Equipped by Elisa Pulliam. Elisa is a certified Life Coach, and I think she may have written this book just for me. Last year, on April 20th I had our 7th baby, and it has been one crazy year trying to balance motherhood, homeschooling, and running my business.

After Lewie’s birth I realized that I was putting way to much time and focus into my business, and not nearly enough into my family. I realized that I don’t want my children to grow into adults and think of me as a great businesswoman, I want them to think of me as a great mother (or at least a mother who put her marriage and children before business, I’m working on the “great” part!)

Once I changed my priorities back around to where they should have been all along, I started to lose focus on where I wanted my business to go, and what I wanted it to grow into. Just as I was starting to figure out a plan that felt workable about 2 months ago, I broke one of the bones in my hand in five different places when I tripped going up the stairs.

I had to have surgery, and I’ve been working on physical therapy and rehabilitation since then. Needless to say, again, my business was put in the background, so was anything having to do with childcare and housekeeping, we’ve been in bare bones survival mode for 8 weeks. Breaking your right hand (when you’re right-handed) makes you realize just how much you need that hand!

So now as I’m starting to get the use of my hand back, I’m ready to truly start living my life with a plan and a purpose, and making the most of each and every day!

Here’s one question I pulled out of Equipped that really sums up what this book is about:

So how do you find the balance between living on purpose without being a control freak?


Elisa breaks the process down into 3 simple steps, and she even includes worksheets to print out and go through to help you pinpoint and draft the purpose and priorities that God is calling you to pursue.

You can purchase Equipped through this link, but this book is also included in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale. Get Equipped and 77 others, along with 10 bonuses for the super low price of only $29.97!

Click here for a full list of everything that is included in the bundle!

I’ll be reviewing a new book each day of the sale, so make sure to check back tomorrow!


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