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32 No Bake Pie Recipes - The Ultimate No Bake Pie Collection (Dangerously Delicious Pies - The Best Pie Recipe Cookbook Series)

32 No Bake Pie Recipes – The Ultimate No Bake Pie Collection (Dangerously Delicious Pies – The Best Pie Recipe Cookbook Series)

Pamela Kazmierczak

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I was able to use up frozen fruit I had languishing in the freezer and the kids just loved it. I actually used already made dough that I baked and then added filling. It didn’t look great but tasted good!

Denise Dunager

Do you want recipes for some great No Bake Pies?

Most people are looking for some great easy dessert recipes and one of the easiest is no bake pies. Many people think pies are difficult to make, but in reality there are many pies that are not that hard and are too delicious to pass up!

So if you are looking for some simple dessert recipes this might be the cookbook for you! Learn more about quick dessert recipes such as no bake pies today!

Inside 32 No Bake Pie Recipes – The Ultimate No Bake Pie Collection We have a wide variety of pies to choose from! We hope you enjoy them all!

If you are looking for the perfect no bake pie – what will you find in this book?

There are a total of 32 different recipes for no bake pies inside this book. We cover all the most popular choices including the pumpkin pie, key lime pie, lemon meringue pie, cherry pie, peanut butter pie, the chocolate pie and more!

Some Examples of the pie recipes that are inside include:

Whipped Cherry Pie

No-Bake California Black Bottom Pie

Orange Cream Pie

Chocolate Candies Surprise Pie

Strawberry Delight Pie

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Pie

Cheesecake Dream Pie

Summer Melon Pie

Banana Cream Pie

Coffee Toffee Pie

Caramel Apple Pie

Cookie Dough Pie

& Many More….

For a full list of what you can see inside, scroll up and click on the look inside feature and check out the Table of Contents!

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Cayenne Pepper Cures (Miracle Healers From The Kitchen 1)

Cayenne Pepper Cures (Miracle Healers From The Kitchen 1)

Sharon Daniels

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I am grateful this author share such wonderful information with the world. I, particularly like the chapters on where does cayenne pepper come from, ways to add cayenne pepper and many more. Your book really help me a lot. Great read and highly recommended.

Ethan McKenzie

Hats off to you! You’ve just plunged into a wealth of information that hardly any professional doctors have a clue about. Get ready to relish in the brilliance of the kitchen miracle that surgeons shun and doctors disgrace.

A sea of unknown, unrevealed information awaits you. This book will act as your guide, so that you will soon be able to harness the full power of cayenne – the herb I once took for granted, and the herb that I now owe my health.

Everyone out there seems to be promoting good health. Well, that’s great. Good health is something that needs to be promoted.

You need herbs, not drugs. You need nature, not synthetics. You need to use the proven, natural, side-affect-free healers that the earth is full of, not the clear, cold liquids that scientists processed through a test tube.

If I had the time, I’d drive from house to house, shaking people out of their beds and telling them to wake up to the miracles of cayenne. But I can’t, so I’ve got the next best thing.

This report, which I’ve been compiling for a while, is brimming with the fiery brilliance of cayenne and all that I’ve found out about it.

For example, cayenne has been known to cure 17 big diseases. It has been known to stop a heart attack in a matter of minutes. It can sharpen your vision better than the most powerful contact lenses available. It can expand your arteries like anything, giving the blood room to really flow and travel everywhere, from your arms (giving you strength) to your brain (giving you better brainpower). It can cure arthritis and much, much more.

If your heart can’t pump enough blood to a certain area, take cayenne pepper.

Because if you’re on prescription medications, you could take up to a year (or more!) to heal.
But if you take cayenne, you could cut it down to a month or two.

Did you know that if you take garlic in the right proportions, you can bring your blood pressure back to normal in three months?

Well, if you add cayenne, you could cut that down to three days.

Cayenne can unclog your kidneys and your sinuses, allow you to breathe freely and restore broken, bleeding gums to normal.

Cayenne, in short, is a kitchen miracle.

I owe my health to cayenne. I hope that by reading this report, you soon will too.

To your health,
Sharon Daniels

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50 Ways to Protect Your Identity in a Digital Age: New Financial Threats You Need to Know and How to Avoid Them (2nd Edition)

50 Ways to Protect Your Identity in a Digital Age: New Financial Threats You Need to Know and How to Avoid Them (2nd Edition)

Steve Weisman

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Being informed and aware adds some protection and this book is an EXCELLENT resource of information on the many ways we are vulnerable and the way to control those aspects that are within our somewhat limited control. Especially after having seen how many ways the consequences of identity theft impacts your life, I am committed to doing everything I can to limit the probabilities.


It is better to stop identity theft from happening in the first place than have to fix or repair the situation afterwards. Steve Weisman reveals the threats of new identity theft attacks based on use of Facebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, cloud apps, iPod, and other new technologies — and shows you how to protect yourself, or how to fix the damage if you’ve already been attacked! Discover why ID theft is more dangerous than ever, and discover today’s most dangerous new threats — including attacks targeting medical records, personal finance and online banking sites, the elderly, and military service members. Meet the hackers and organized crime groups who want to steal your identity and money — and learn how to protect your data and your life! Step by step, Weisman shows how to avoid risks, minimize risks you can’t completely avoid, and immediately take the right steps if you’re ever victimized. He objectively reviews new products and services that promise to fight identity theft, and previews emerging dangers, such as RFID credit cards. If you use a computer, the Internet, a smartphone, cell phone, tablet, or any other communications device, 50 Ways to Protect Your Identity in a Digital Age isn’t just an indispensable wake-up call: it’s the world’s best resource for protecting yourself!

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17 Places to Sell Your Crafts Online

17 Places to Sell Your Crafts Online

Julie Holland

Price: FREE

I learned so much about selling my handmade goods by reading this book! It was filled with so much interesting and concise information! You could tell that the author “knew her stuff”! For anyone looking for educated and experienced resources on selling their crafts, look no further, this book is all you need!

Corona Holland

You want to sell your crafts online – but you don’t know where to start. Or, you already sell handmade items online but you want to expand your audience and reach more buyers. This book will open your eyes to 17 places you can sell your crafts online. Some may be familiar, but you are also sure to find some you have not considered before.

More than just a listing of online sales venues, this book also offers great advice on marketing your wares from someone who has been in the online handcrafts business for more than 7 years. Learn how to price your items, develop a following, choose where to sell and what to expect from each online marketplace.

If you want to succeed at selling your crafts online and creating your own homebased business, this is a valuable resource you’ll want in your library.

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Kisses From a Good God: A Journey Through Cancer

Kisses From a Good God: A Journey Through Cancer

Paul Manwaring

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This book is incredibly encouraging to caregivers, physicians, nurses, and patients alike, and just reading it is an experience of healing. It’s not only excellent, it is beautiful.

D. Melissa Carter

Redefining victory through the eyes of a cancer survivor!

Author Paul Manwaring was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January 2008. Kisses from a Good God recounts his journey from the first diagnosis, through the prayers of believing friends and family, his choice to undergo surgery, and to his ultimate healing victory.

Kisses from a Good God provides encouragement and challenges some commonly held beliefs. He removes shame from those who have been healed by the hands of doctors and surgeons rather than through prayer. Instead of simply encouraging you with practical, biblical truths, a clear line is drawn between faith and religion—and redefines victory through the eyes of a cancer survivor saved by God in the form of modern medicine.

If you are now walking or have walked through a life-threatening illness or circumstance, or if you have watched a loved one endure, Kisses from a Good God relieves your body, soul, mind, and spirit of tons of unnecessary pressures and pain.

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Home School Secrets (Homeschooling from a Non-traditional Homeschool Perspective)

Home School Secrets (Homeschooling from a Non-traditional Homeschool Perspective)

Kelli DuCloux

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If you’ve never read anything about homeschooling and need to be reassured that it can be great for your child, then this book might be helpful.

Jeff Healy

Home School Secrets: Homeschooling from a Nontraditional Homeschool Perspective.

Home School Secrets is a quick read explaining how I prepared my son to become a high school graduate who began attending college at the age of 12.

If you ever wanted to know how middle school or even elementary school students became college students, this first-in-the-series book will show you how I did it with my son. This book chronicles my experience homeschooling using a non-traditional homeschool perspective.

However, this book is different from your traditional homeschooling curriculum. This book is actually a “home school” curriculum, meaning there are strategies from the home setting and strategies from the school setting.

I utilized both in accomplishing this goal with my son.

Find out how to make your child a home school success story now!

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A Work at Home Mom's Ultimate Guide to Building a Business, Blog & Brand

A Work at Home Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Building a Business, Blog & Brand

Lisa Marcia

Price: $0.99

This is a very informative book that is filled with excellent information for the mom who wants to learn how to make money on the Internet. Your first steps to success will be found in this book.If you are interested in learning how to make money on the Internet, this book is a good place to begin.

J. Christo


Having trouble finding time to learn the basics, knowing what questions to ask your designer, and how to budget your dream career?

As a mom, your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve written this book! Packed full of resources that mom entrepreneurs use daily including tricks of the trade, questions to ask your designer, how-to save money, and lots of DIY resources to get your started!

This is a resource every MOM should own!

Written by fellow work-at-home mom Lisa Marcia, this book compiles years of experience in the design and blogging industry & provides moms with the information they need to start their business, build their blog, and create a kick-butt brand!

A Glimpse at What’s Covered:

Building your Blog or Website
// Learn the lingo of WordPress (plugins, pages, hosting, domain, posts, and more), harness the power of plugins, and find trusted vendors and quality themes.

Designing for your Business
// Learn how to choose a designer (I even provide a list of quality designers who are moms too!), how to communicate your needs to your designer, and more.

Branding Basics for your business
// Learn what your market is and how to position your brand for success.

// Learn how to be more productive by delegating tasks.

Income opportunities
// Learn about active and passive income opportunities (no get-rich-quick schemes here!)

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College Unbound: The Future of Higher Education and What It Means for Students

College Unbound: The Future of Higher Education and What It Means for Students

Jeffrey J. Selingo

Price: $1.99

Books like this one matter, not because they attempt to answer the question, but because they advance the debate. No 250-page book can truly address all the options. Believe me, several noble attempts have crossed my desk. But they inevitably reflect the authors’ preferences for what American education should resemble.

Kevin L. Nenstiel

What is the value of a college degree?

The four-year college experience is as American as apple pie. So is the belief that higher education offers a ticket to a better life. But with student-loan debt surpassing the $1 trillion mark and unemployment of college graduates at historic highs, people are beginning to question that value.

In College (Un)bound, Jeffrey J. Selingo, editor at large of the Chronicle of Higher Education, argues that America’s higher education system is broken. The great credential race has turned universities into big business and fostered an environment where middle-tier colleges can command elite university-level tuition while concealing staggeringly low graduation rates, churning out graduates with few of the skills needed for a rapidly evolving job market.

Selingo not only turns a critical eye on the current state of higher education but also predicts how technology will transform it for the better. Free massive online open courses (MOOCs) and hybrid classes, adaptive learning software, and the unbundling of traditional degree credits will increase access to high-quality education regardless of budget or location and tailor lesson plans to individual needs. One thing is certain—the Class of 2020 will have a radically different college experience than their parents.

Incisive, urgent, and controversial, College (Un)bound is a must-read for prospective students, parents, and anyone concerned with the future of American higher education.

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Plan It, Don't Panic: Everything You Need to Successfully Create and Use a Meal Plan

Plan It, Don’t Panic: Everything You Need to Successfully Create and Use a Meal Plan

Stephanie Langford

Price: $0.99

I’ve been cooking for my family for 28 years, but only recently discovered how to do it with a happy heart, thanks to this author’s blog. I’ve also just started help a friend get organized by planning meals for her family. This fantastic book is helping me… and her, to get things done one step at a time, no back tracking, and in a simple clear way. I strongly reccommend this book for new AND experienced homemakers, especially if you work outside of your home.


What if you could learn to meal plan in a way that helped you to eat better, while saving you money, time and stress?

You can… for the price of one boxed convenience meal or a fraction of the cost of one night of eating out.

Is meal planning really worth it? The answer is a resounding YES, if you want to:

1. Stop spending too much money and start maximizing your grocery money
2. Avoid the stress and panic of what to cook each night for dinner
3. Serve your family more balanced, healthful meals (rather than resorting to convenience or compromise foods)

I hear time and again from both homemakers and women who work outside of the home how meal planning is the key that makes all the difference. In fact, you might already do meal planning, in some manner, to some degree. But do you want to learn to do it better?

-Find the method of meal planning that will suit you and your family best
-Tweak and perfect your meal planning style with unique tips and strategies
-Make it easier to work around special/restrictive dietary needs
-Become a grocery-shopping ninja and never go to the store without a genius plan in place
-Learn how leftovers and batch cooking can become your best friends in the kitchen
-As well as how to store your recipes, easily find your favorites, plan for hectic times, and even what to do when you mess up…

This eBook also includes:

-4 weeks of real, whole food meal plans, complete with breakfast/lunch/dinner and recipe links
-11 printable planning pages including 3 different weekly planners, 3 monthly planners, a seasonal menu planner, grocery shopping checklist, pantry and freezer inventories, and a freezer cooking/baking day planning page.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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101 Farmhouse Favorites (101 Cookbook Collection)

101 Farmhouse Favorites (101 Cookbook Collection)

Gooseberry Patch

Price: $1.99

I love Goosebury Patch cookbooks. This is another great one. I can’t wait to make the recipes.Apple Fritter Pancakes look and sound so good. They also give you a homemade pancake syrup recipe.I have always wanted to make my own dressing and they have a fresh ranch dressing recipe

April Aakre

Afternoons at Grandma’s farmhouse always seemed to be sunny…a warm breeze blowing through cotton curtains, endless fields of green, relaxing on the porch with a glass of lemonade and looking forward to what she’d make for dinner. No matter what was served in her kitchen, the meals were always made with love and the recipes were treasures passed down through generations. Those mouth-watering, tried & true classics were our inspiration for this collection.

101 Farmhouse Favorites is filled with all the wonderful dishes that made meals at the farmhouse so memorable, and now you can inspire warm memories of your own! Start your morning off right with a big slice of Easy Bacon Frittata or some Swirled Coffee Cake. Gather the family ’round the table for dinner with easy favorites like Cayenne Fried Chicken, BBQ Pork Ribs and Grandma’s Buttery Mashed Potatoes. There’s no better way to top off a hearty farmhouse dinner than with a luscious dessert…how about a big slice of Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie or Root Beer Cake? We’ve also included a canning chapter in 101 Farmhouse Favorites, with great recipes that let you store away a little bit of summer to enjoy all year long. You’re sure to love Garlic Dill Pickles, Mom’s Peach Butter and Our Favorite Salsa.

So open the windows, let the sun shine in and whip up one of these farmhouse favorites!

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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101 Stovetop Suppers (101 Cookbook Collection)

101 Stovetop Suppers (101 Cookbook Collection)

Gooseberry Patch

Price: $1.99

This is a very good book for satisfying recipes that are very quick and easy. The choices are many and all sound healthy and tasty. I especially like the one dish cooking when it comes time to clean up!

Lazy Dazy

When schedules are busy, the time to make good, wholesome dinners often can be cut short…until now! We’ve gathered our best single-skillet meals and paired each with a full-color photo for 101 Stovetop Suppers. Not only is each one super-simple, but one pan, pot or skillet means less clean-up and more time to spend with family & friends.

Starting things off is a whole chapter dedicated to quick & simple recipes that are short on time but big on taste. Whip up a pan of Pepperoni Tortellini, Kickin’ Cajun Tilapia or Honey Chicken & Carrots in the blink of an eye. When you find yourself with a little more time to spare, try one of the slowly-simmered dishes like Low Country Shrimp Boil, Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Family-Favorite Pork Tacos…sure to be a hit with everyone.

There’s also an entire chapter dedicated to recipes that make enough to feed a crowd. They’ll come in handy when entertaining or even at the holidays! When family & friends gather, you’ll love treating them to Mom’s Chicken Riggies, Hunting Cabin Chili or some Seafood Linguini with a Kick. To top it all off, each chapter has a perfect pair of dessert recipes to put the cherry on top! Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Blondies, Simple Skillet Peaches and Pineapple Pudding are all deliciously sweet & simple endings to a perfect dinner.

So forget the oven and toss together dinner on the stovetop…just a skillet, pot or pan are all you need to whip up a tasty, memorable meal.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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