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From God To Us Revised and Expanded: How We Got Our Bible

Norman L. Geisler, William E. Nix

While both Dr. Geisler and Dr. Nix are seminary professors with extensive academic backgrounds, they do not write as if they are stuck in an ivory tower. This book answers the above questions and more in an organized, readable format, divided into four parts, or links, that show how the chain of communication from God to us is strong: inspiration, canonization, transmission, and translation.

Paula Greene

Where did the Bible come from? How do we know the right books are in the Bible? Does the Bible contain errors? What are the oldest copies we have of the Bible? How do we know that the Bible hasn’t been changed over the years? Why are there so many translations of the Bible, and which one should I use?

These are just some of the important questions about the Bible that are discussed in this book. Understanding basic facts about the origin of the Bible is essential for every Christian, but it can also be confusing and difficult. Here, two well-known scholars, authors of a more technical book, A General Introduction to the Bible, explain simply and clearly these basic facts. Inspiration, the biblical canon, major manuscripts, textual criticism, early translations, and modern versions are some of the major topics discussed. Careful explanations of important points are given throughout, as the entire field of biblical introduction is covered.

Completely updated and revised edition of the 1974 work (more than 78,000 copies sold). Helpful charts have been added, along with an index of subjects, persons, and Scripture.

This book is ideally suited for Bible students, pastors, and professors. While writing for readers without previous training, the authors do not gloss over difficult and complex issues when they arise. The nature of inspiration, the extent of the canon, and the usefulness of modern versions are all clearly discussed.

The authors write: “The chain of communication from God to us is strong. It has several solid links: inspiration, collection, transmission, and translations. The strength of these links provide the contemporary Christian with the moral certitude that the Spirit-inspired original text of Scripture has been providentially preserved by God so that for all practical purposes the Bible in our hands is the infallible and inerrant word of God.”

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All For Anna (Letting Go)

Nicole Deese

What a powerful story. Deese spoke through her truth, her experiences, yet she did it in such a way as to transcend barriers into my truth and into the truth of anyone lucky enough to choose to read this masterpiece. This book engaged me in a way that very few have ever done and I applaud the author’s successful endeavors. The characters and the story stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it.

M.C. Walls

If guilt is a prison; Victoria Sales has given herself a life sentence.
Held captive by regret, 23 year-old trauma RN, Tori Sales, has seen the reality of many nightmares. But there is one nightmare she will never wake from—her last memory of Anna.
Her efforts to save the little girl were not enough; she was not enough.
After a year of living alone, Tori is forced to return home—a place where heartache, loss, and broken relationships lurk around every corner. Isolation is her only solace; running is her only escape.
But she cannot outrun the truth forever.
When a handsome, compassionate stranger enters her world, Tori is inspired to deal with her past and focus on the future—one she never believed possible. But before her quest for closure is complete, a new revelation surfaces, tainting her world yet again.
Will she accept the recovery she so desperately needs? Or will she choose the escape she knows best…

***This is the first book in the Letting Go series. It CAN be read as a stand-alone, as each story-line will feature a new main character. Book #2 is titled “All She Wanted” (The story of Briggs) and is available on Amazon.***

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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