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Timothy: A Little Fish with a Big Purpose!

Brad Riley

Price: $2.99

A thoroughly enjoyable story highlighting a wonderful moment when Jesus Christ walked with the disciples. I always wondered why the fish had the coin in it’s mouth! What a fun way to explain the story of “Render unto Caesar”. I like stories that show “the other side of the coin”, sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.
I think kids will really enjoy this alternative viewpoint telling of the tale, and they will enjoy reading about how God can use anything to fulfill His purpose. Timothy may be a little fish, but in the story he makes a big splash!
The illustrations are wonderfully done and I am pleased with the color pallet. I may just have to paint some of these scenes in my kid’s bedroom. What a swimmingly good idea!!!

Michael Mcart

“Deep in his heart, Timothy believed everything that had just happened was some sort of miracle and that picking up the disk, simply to be obedient to his grandma, was part of a higher purpose. He wasn’t sure what that purpose was, but what he did know was that he couldn’t wait to tell his mom.”

Can God use the little things in our lives—our little acts of obedience—to serve a higher purpose? Can He do the same with “little people” who trust Him, too? Author and Pastor Brad Riley believes He can. As he shares with us, “The heritage of responding to the love of God was demonstrated to me by godly grandparents and parents and is an eternal value that all of us can pass to each succeeding generation.”

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