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Me, Myself, and Bob

Phil Vischer

Phil Vischer had a dream. As he describes in his autobiography, he felt called by God to create Christian alternatives to mass media. And he wanted to be good at it. From an early age, he had an interest in film. As an adult, he transitioned that to computer production and eventually started Big Idea and VeggieTales.
But all was not smooth sailing. The company mushroomed then crumbled, ending in bankruptcy. Just what went wrong? Well, that’s what this book is all about.
And it’s a highly entertaining read. Phil interjects his narration with the dry wit and funny stories you’d expect from the man behind VeggieTales. But by no means is it a woe-is-me story. Phil takes much of the blame for what happened and goes out of his way to not name many of the players in the story. The last two chapters detail what Phil learned from all this. He talks about business lessons and the Spiritual growth he experienced as a result of losing everything he thought he was to do.
I found the book almost impossible to put down and the last few chapters are very moving. This is a must read for any VeggieTales fan who wants the inside scope on what really happened to their favorite Veggies.

Mark Baker

Larry. Bob. Archibald. These Veggie Tales stars are the most famous vegetables you’ll ever eat. Oops, meet. Their antics are known around the world. But so much of the Veggie Tale story hasn’t been told. In Me, Myself, and Bob, Phil Vischer, founder of Big Idea and creator of Veggie Tales, gives a behind-the-scenes look at his not-so-funny journey with the loveable veggies. From famed creator to bankrupt dreamer, Vischer shares his story of trial and ultimate triumph as God inspired him with one big idea after another.

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The Millionaire Next Door

Thomas J. Stanley Ph.D.

I used to be one of those people who spent all or at least most of my money and thought I was doing okay with the little savings I had in the bank earning 2% (wow).I always bought brand new cars, new clothes, went on vacations 6-8 times per year and partied. I had a great time! One day my company shut down and I was forced to live on 50% OF MY INCOME. My savings dwindled to nothing and I had a hard time making car and credit card payments. I came to the realization that I was “renting” my “lifestyle” all of which was encumbered with debts and false belief in “job security” A friend loaned me a copy of “The Millionaire Next Door” and I had to painfully admit that I had been a fool. I met a really nice old couple in their ’70’s who never made much over minimum wage in salary, but were debt free and had 100’s of thousands to retire on and were living better than the flamboyant fools like me who spent through their incomes. This book turned me around. I would also recommend “9 Steps to Financial Freedom” and ‘More Wealth without Risk” to add to your library, or at least borrow from a library. I am now living better, earning 20-25% in mutuals, contribute to my new companies 401 (k), have a IRA and am DEBT FREE with the exception of my mortgage which will be paid off in five years (or less).

A Customer

Most of the truly wealthy in the United States don’t live in Beverly Hills or on Park Avenue. They live next door.

America’s wealthy seldom get that way through an inheritance or an advanced degree. They bargain-shop for used cars, raise children who don’t realize how rich their families are, and reject a lifestyle of flashy exhibitionism and competitive spending. In fact, the glamorous people many of us think of as “rich” are actually a tiny minority of America’s truly wealthy citizens—and behave quite differently than the majority.

At the time of its first publication in 1996, The Millionaire Next Door was a groundbreaking examination of America’s rich—exposing for the first time the seven common qualities that appear over and over among this exclusive demographic. This new edition, the first since 1998, includes a new foreword by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley—updating the original content in the context of the 21st century.


Formerly a professor of marketing at Georgia State University, Dr. Stanley spent approximately 20 years interviewing America’s wealthy, starting in 1973—and focusing on people with a net worth of at least $1 million.

His first book, Marketing to the Affluent, was chosen as a Top 10 Outstanding Business Book by the editors of Best of Business Quarterly. He achieved popular acclaim with The Millionaire Next Door—selling over 2 million copies. In total, Dr. Stanley’s books have spent over 170 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Dr. Stanley holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Georgia in Athens. He currently lives in Atlanta.

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The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes Us Through the Events of Our Lives

Ravi Zacharias

magine each area of your life as a thread that God uses to fulfill the design he has in mind for you. “His design for your life pulls together every thread of your existence into a magnificent work of art. Every thread matters and has a specific purpose.” Zacharias goes on to remind us that “God holds the threads; you hold the shuttle. Move it at God’s behest, and watch the making of something spectacular.”
That’s the purpose of this book: to keep us moving from a threadbare existence to a tapestry that reflects the beauty and glory of God. Zacharias assures that this is God’s ultimate end. “We will be `re-created,’ and all the threads of our earthly life will come together for the design that we will experience in heaven. Every tribe, every language, every moment, every pain, every sorrow will come together in the consummate pattern of God’s design.”

Michael Dalton

How differently would we live if we believed that every dimension of our lives—from the happy to the tragic to the mundane—were part of a beautiful and purposeful design in which no thread were wrongly woven? That’s what best-selling author and internationally-known apologist, Ravi Zacharias, explores in The Grand Weaver.
As Christians, we believe that great events such as a death or a birth are guided by the hand of God. Yet we drift into feeling that our daily lives are the product of our own efforts. This book brims with penetrating stories and insights that show us otherwise. From a chance encounter in a ticket line to a beloved father’s final word before dying, from a random phone call to a line in a Scripture reading, every detail of life is woven into its perfect place. In The Grand Weaver, Dr. Zacharias examines our backgrounds, our disappointments, our triumphs, and our beliefs, and explains how they are all part of the intentional and perfect work of the Grand Weaver.
Also available: unabridged audio CD.

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The Wedding Quilt Bride

Colleen Coble

It was a wonderful story of compassion, love, and family. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to hopeless romantic.

“Coble is a great writer, she knows what readers want and she does not disappoint.”-Romantic Times

The Wedding Quilt Bride is one of Coble’s early novellas. Faith Cole makes a visit to her great-grandmother to Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1889. Convinced her disability will keep her from ever marrying, Faith shuns the hope in her mother’s wedding trunk. But the threat from a dangerous dam brings her out of her shyness, and she finds God has other plans.

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Love’s Far Country

Colleen Coble

Lovely story, especially the Spiritual restoration.

“Coble is a great writer, she knows what readers want and she does not disappoint.”-Romantic Times

When gold fever sweeps 1849 America, folks rush westward with dreams of new lives and instant wealth. Alexandria has lost everything but a steamboat named the Dawson Belle. It’s her only hope of providing for her brother. Captain Philip Monroe has other plans for the steamboat, but he can’t deny the woman draws him like no other he’s met. Dawson is wild and dangerous, and it will take them working together to make a success of their venture. Will nearly losing it all open their eyes to the love they both crave?
“Coble’s books have it all, romance, sass, suspense, action. I’m content to read a book that has any one of those but to find an author like Coble who does all four so well is my definition of bliss.”
Mary Connealy, author of Doctor in Petticoats

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Seaside Harmony: 1 (Postcards from misty harbor inn)

Evangeline Kelley

This is a truly restoration story not only as the sisters work on the efforts to restore the Inn to its former glory but also to restore their own broken relationships in new ways. Gracie will need to come to terms that she isn’t abandoning her family but merely understanding that her own children need to take a turn at raising their own family instead of relying on grandmother to be a permanent babysitter; for Caroline it will be to prove to her sisters and herself that despite being so free-spirited, she can find roots in something more permanent and for Sam who longs for someone other than herself to cook for and experience what flavors life has to offer them all. I easily rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and this makes for the perfect summer novel to pick up to read while being at the beach! Seaside Harmony is the first book in Postcards from the Misty Harbor Inn Series.


You’ll delight in the inviting setting and be enthralled by the adventures of these three very different sisters who reunite to bring their mother’s Misty Harbor dreams to life.

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