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No Shadow (Prodigal Sons of Cane)

S.N. Clemons

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Another great story by S.N.Clemens. she writes with Christian heart but foes not ‘get in your face’. It’s honest, sincere and exciting. Just hope she writes as fast as we read.

Sue Craighead

Helen Walton wants desperately to acquire an important, rare manuscript for her library. The only thing standing in her way is Andrew Cane, handsome, affluent, exasperating, and used to getting anything he wants. She isn’t going to cave to his intimidation tactics, no matter how much power he wields in her small town, no matter how deeply she’s tempted to fall for his humor, strength, and generous heart.

Andrew has returned to the small town he grew up in, but he’s only planning to stay a short time. He’s set on purchasing a manuscript for his grandmother, and he won’t let any baffling and (irresistibly) infuriating librarians like Helen get in his way.

He left his hometown and his faith a long time ago, but now they’re both drawing him back. But opening up his heart–to God and to Helen–means taking a risk he hasn’t taken in years.

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DAUGHTER OF SILENCE: Daughters of Alba, Book 1

Erin E.M. Hatton

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I thought this was a really good book with great Christian values. I do wish the author had a section with the meanings of the Gaelic words because several I wasn’t sure of their meaning. But I still found it a good story with good values. Yes, Aigneis thought silence was a virtue only to find that not speaking her mind could be her downfall. After I finished this book I went on to download the complete series, and have since, read the second book and have just started the last book. And so far, I have enjoyed the other two as much as the first. I would recommend this book and series to anyone who loves a love story that is clean and has value to it.


In the land that would one day become Scotland, three sisters embark on three very different paths …

Aigneis, the eldest, has always been a dutiful daughter. An arranged marriage to the king is her ultimate test of obedience.

Domhnall Mhor is a great warrior and an imposing man, but inside he is just as timid as his fair young bride.

In the midst of running a kingdom, will Aigneis and Domhnall find the courage to love or will they let silence destroy their marriage?

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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