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May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy

KC Frantzen

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What a great story of a puppy’s survival, overcoming obsticals and being rescued in the nick of time – finding love and acceptance in a loving home all the way to a new career!! Bought it for my grandkids, nieces and nephews – but loved it myself!!! There’s laughter, tears and great adventure!! It was specifically written for tweens but I would highly recommended for any age group!!


Sometimes I start with a well-thought out plan, and sometimes, me being me, things just happen. In my imagination I’m on my way, heading anywhere. Because anywhere’s better than here.

Which is why I’m staring at this latch. I’m going to escape today. I’ve been watching closely to see how they work it, though no one’s noticed.

Humans… So unaware…

*** *** ***

In this first-of-the-series adventure, May, an imaginative young Schnauzer, tells her own story in first dog. She escapes a bad situation through adoption into the home of a grouchy Labrador. When her new family moves to the country, May ventures out where she’s not supposed to be, and discovers an odd “bird” near a rickety old shed with a secret.

She’s on her way to becoming a K9 Spy!

*** *** ***

“The Perfect Book for a Child to Read or to Read to a Child!

Here’s a book a child will love! It expresses all the Right Values: Love, Respect, Patriotism, Courage, Honor, Duty & Caring. All wrapped up in an adventure sure to please both young and old!

C.S. Lewis was right. The best children’s books are equally enjoyed by adults. “May on the Way” can be read on three levels and enjoyed on each. A very young child will like the antics of the feisty heroine, May, a Schnauzer with a keen sense of conscience. The older child will enjoy the spy adventure with the characters facing a ‘coming of age’ in that they must face their fears. The adult reader will see serious topics being treated in a way that a young person can appreciate.”

“Fully illustrated, a good read for animal lovers 8 years and up.”

“My tweens are loving May’s story!”

“I just love it and rarely read a book in one sitting but took the time and am so glad I did. I shall re-read it.”

“3 of the 4 winners of our Literacy awards chose May’s book as a prize.”

“The kids went crazy over it!”

“I love how you proposed questions at the end, and the ‘code’ to complete. Make the kids think!”

“You had me from the first paragraph. Thanks. When I’m finished, it goes to the grandkids.”

“KC Frantzen’s May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy is a delightful tale of a Schnauzer rising above a horrid beginning to become a bigger than life puppy hero, a story guaranteed to charm any child in your life. A host of illustrations by Taillefer Long adds to the fun of this charming story.”

“What a fun story – very creative and kudos to the illustrator as well!”

“I love how you tell your K9 story, weaving in spiritual and establishment values. It’s definitely a page-turner.”

“You rock May. Now don’t let this fame go to your head, young lady!”

“I have heard positive feedback from many of the teachers who were there for your presentation.”

“She LOVES this book”

“I am 12 years old. I just finished your book… I loved this book so much that I don’t want to read the sneak peek of the next book at all, because I want the book itself!!!”

“It was a pleasure to read, quite a tail or should I say a nub? I may not wait until Christmas to give the boys their books. Well done!”

“Your lively, attention-getting spy book is making the rounds here at Silver Springs Retirement Center. Everyone LOVES it!”

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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The Mango Tree and Other Stories

Rachna Srivastava

Price: FREE

I thought this was a great book. It has positive messages that kids these says need to hear more often. Patience, perseverance and being responsible are attributes that need to be instilled in today’s children more.


The Mango Tree and Other Stories is an original collection of children’s stories that emphasizes life lessons and morals. Each tale discusses an important aspect of childhood and how a child might come to understand it. Young readers will be able to easily relate to the honest and innocent characters, and enjoy the situations those characters find themselves in. The lessons they will learn comprise an important part of growing up.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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If I Had Long, Long Hair

Angela Hunt

Price: FREE

I LOVE this story. I remember checking it out from the library, as a kid, time and again. I’m sad to see that it’s out of publication, but it is a fun story to have if you can find a used copy. It shows a girl with short hair imagining what she could do with long, flowing hair. At first, her thoughts are glamorous, but then she realizes that long, long hair could also be a nuisance. In the end, she decides she’s happy as she is.

M. Massey

Loretta, who has short, curly hair, wishes for long, long hair–she’d be able to do so many wonderful things! But then she begins to think about the trouble long, long hair might cause . . . and decides she’s just fine the way she is.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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The Swallows and the Doves are Friends

Heide Lopez

Price: FREE

This cute book is a good way to teach children how important it is to appreciate others. It tells the story of the Doves and the Swallows. It is a very descriptive story and tells a lot about the birds how they are different and how they get along. This would be a perfect story to read to my second grade class and show them that just because you are different does not mean that you can not get along together.

B. Aucoin

Teach your children the importance of appreciating one another!

Every person is different. We can be so different in many ways, yet be alike in so many other ways. It’s our differences and similarities that make each one of us unique and because every person is one of a kind, we are able to appreciate our diversity as humans.

Our differences can keep us apart and create division, if we allow it. But, if we learn to appreciate how different we are from one another, whether it be in race, in religion, in personality traits or in whatever way, then our diversity can bring us together and we can connect and form meaningful relationships.
Mother Nature has a wonderful way of showing us how different we are and how similar. With the animals, in particular, their behavior and personality is a wonderful showcase of how one group can be very similar and very different from another. Yet, in spite of their differences, they try to get along.

I’m different. You’re different. It’s definitely okay to be different. Even though we are different, we can get along. That is what the swallows and the doves can teach us in this book. I hope you and your kids will enjoy!

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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