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The Adoption Option

Angela Hunt

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I thought I was the only woman who wept through baby showers until I read this book. Angela Hunt has been through all the struggles any infertile woman/couples faces, and she deals with the sensitively and practically in this book. I would highly recommend to any Christian couple interested in adoption.

A Customer

Adoption is for parents looking to begin or to build their families. It is for children in search of a forever home. Adoption is for sharing . . . life, love, and dreams.
Angela Elwell Hunt presents a unique book, one that is both personal story and guidebook. She describes her own odyssey in adopting two international children, weaving this with practical information on issues faced in adoption.

She explores the very real hopes, fears, and doubts that surround prospective parents, while simultaneously taking the reader through the adoption process from A-Z.

The book is packed full of resource information on adoption. If you’re a parent-to-be, concerned relative, infertile couple, or interested Christian who wants to discover more about the topic, then The Adoption Option is for you.

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The Proverbs 31 Project

Melissa Calloway

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I love “The Proverbs 31 Project”. Even tho’ I am about to become 75 years”young” I can still apply some of this book to my life! This young lady touched my heart! I still have a lot of living to do!!! Thank you, Melissa Calloway, for showing me we are never too old to learn! I recommend this “Project” to all women, young and old, and I know a few guys that could use it! Keep up the good work, Miss Calloway! I look forward to your next “project”!

Tim Crawford

This book is a step-by step guide for women everywhere who want to improve physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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Farm Girl

Karen Jones Gowen

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This book by Karen Jones Gowen offers a wonderful view of what it was like to grow up in Nebraska in the 20’s and 30’s. It is told from the viewpoint of the author’s mother who grew up during that time in Nebraska. It is well written and easy to read. It would be a great resouce for teachers who are trying to teach what life was like during that time period. The author also includes excerpts from her grandmother who was an early homesteader in Nebraska. The narrative style the author has used enhances the book and lets the reader feel as if they are living right along side Lucille Marker. I would highly recommend this book.

Ms. Julie M. Bucknam

FARM GIRL, the groundbreaking and critically-acclaimed folklore history by Karen Jones Gowen, is a 2012 top-rated AMAZON BESTSELLER.

“It concerns real life, relatively ordinary activities, drawn with the precision of a Norman Rockwell painting.” ~The Omaha Reader

Set in the Dust Bowl of the American West, this true account of a child coming of age on a 1920’s Nebraska farm, recaptures an era. Young Lucille Marker experiences survival during the Depression, one of the worst dust storms in history, and finally the disintegration of the close-knit community in which she grows up. Readers who like the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder or Willa Cather will enjoy Farm Girl. It takes place on the Marker farm, located near Red Cloud, the locale of Willa Cather’s Nebraska novels. Farm Girl takes one back to a time and place that no longer exists in American culture. Richly photographed throughout with over sixty authentic photos documenting the people and places of the story, this historical, easy-to-read book is suitable for use in the classroom.

“Through the intertwined stories of the life of the Marker family and of the broader historical time period, the book is more than captivating. Gowen’s vivid account of her mother’s life allows Farm Girl to read as seamlessly as if one were recalling personal memories.” ~The Holyoke Enterprise

“Have you thought about writing your family history, but found yourself stuck from the start? Writing a family narrative can be a daunting task, but Karen Jones Gowen found a way to bring her mother’s story to life.” ~Homespun Magazine

“Easily as good as Carol Ryrie Brink’s Caddie Woodlawn, Farm Girl is beautifully done and should be a treat for anyone who loves reading historical books. . . . It is a treasure that will be enjoyed by the young and old alike.” ~McCook Daily Gazette

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4 Weeks of Fabulous Paleolithic Dinners (4 Weeks of Fabulous Paleo Recipes)

Amelia Simons

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I have tried many of the recipes in the book and have liked all that I tried. My husband really liked the “Crustless Pizza” which is super easy to make plus you can use just about anything as toppings! I loved it and the “Hunters Chicken”. The best part about this cookbook is the ease of the recipes. They are not made of dozens of ingredients that you don’t normally use, they use common items to make great dishes.


What buyers are saying about 4 Weeks of Fabulous Paleolithic Dinners:

~ “I have tried many of the recipes in the book and have liked all that I tried.”
~ “This cookbook is a great resource that offers variety for a grain-free diet and a tasty way to eat clean.”
~ “This book helped us to come up with some new family favorites…A good book.”

Amelia Simons’ 4 Weeks of Fabulous Paleolithic Dinners is a collection of 30 delicious recipes that will satisfy the hungriest appetites. As many people are choosing to eat healthier as well as desiring to lose weight, they are enthusiastically turning to a Paleolithic lifestyle consisting of a low-carb diet rich in healthy meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, good fats, nuts, and seeds.

Some of the scrumptious recipes you will find in this cookbook are:

Roast with a Rub
Homemade Buffalo Chicken
Slow and Easy Jambalaya
Nutty Flounder
Spicy Italian Pork

Also included in this cookbook is an overview of the Paleolithic lifestyle that will give you a quick, easy-to-follow guide of the foods recommended and ones to avoid.

PLUS, you will be thrilled with the newly created CLICKABLE index containing all the main ingredients used in the recipes. For example, do you have some meat you want to use? Then, go to the index, find the meat you have, look at the list of recipes that use that kind of meat in it, click on the recipe title that sounds enticing, and the link takes you straight to that recipe.

The clickable index makes searching SO EASY and is a feature you will thoroughly enjoy.

Don’t miss out on this great cookbook for only 99 cents! New favorites are just a click away for you, your family and friends.

Now scroll back up to the top of this page and click on the “BUY” button to make your next dinner delicious and a new beginning for a healthy new lifestyle! You have just found yourself a real bargain and a great addition to your culinary library!

Please note: If you are a Paleo eater like me and enjoy living by Mark Sisson’s “80/20 rule,” (eat a strict Paleo diet 80% of the time and relax a little bit the other 20%), you will find one recipe that offers you the suggestion of using some aged cheeses or butter if you can tolerate dairy. Also, raw honey is used as a sweetener in one recipe, but can certainly be eliminated if you do not wish to include it.

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College Planning For HomeSchoolers

Jennifer Cristo

Price: FREE

Planning ahead for college isn’t so easy, especially if you are stepping onto the campus as a Freshman. You won’t know where to go or what to do, let alone what classes to sign up for. This e-book was written to prepare you for all of that and even learn secrets to succeeding in college. You will learn how to find your passion and even how to make new friends that will influence you in an academic way that you’ve never been influenced before. Our in depth study guide allows you to ace those tests and move your grade up a few points.

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Pizza Pie in the Sky: A Complete Guide to Pizza

Cooking Penguin

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The recipes cover techniques for Pan Pizza, Deep Dish Pizza, Stuffed Pizza, Stuffed Crust Pizza, Twisted Crust Pizza, Calzone, Grilled Pizza and more. The author (listed as Cooking Penquin – I’ll bet that isn’t their real name!) puts a lot of emphasis on using fresh ingredients. I was very pleased to see a recipe for homemade marinara. It is so easy to make and so much better for you than jarred sauces where the second ingredient is usually high-fructose corn syrup.
This e-cookbook is very well-formatted and organized and contains beautiful professional photographs. The writing flows well, with only the occasional typo (Stawberry; garlic separated and pealed.) Whether you’ve wanted to make homemade pizza but thought it might be above your skill level, or you are looking to expand your pizza repertoire, I think you will find many helpful tips and recipes here.

Ruby Beach-Siegel

This cookbook is a complete look at the making of pizza, from dough to finished pie. Focusing on technique and fundamentals, it will teach you how to prepare all of the famous types of pizzas such as hand tossed, deep dish, stuffed crust, calzone, grilled pizza, and dessert pizza to name a few. It also includes the outlines of toppings for some of the more archetypal pies such as the famous “White Pizza” and “Pizza Margherita”.

After mastering the techniques and sauces here you will be able to make pizzas that far excel those of the famous chain restaurants in both flavor and appearance (of course homemade is always healthier, too). But remember, it is your pie, so don’t let anyone else tell you what you should put on top of it and you won’t have to eat humble pie!

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Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool

Karen DeBeus

Price: 99 cents

We are halfway through our first year. Thank you God for putting this book in my hands. I feel it was a message directly from Him. I will turn to Him and let Him guide us. I have not done this everyday and now I know what was missing. Instead of floundering about looking everywhere else, we will start everyday looking toward Him. Thank you!!

Laura Lee Kays

In the Spring of 2006 I was called to homeschool. It was never my intention or my plan, but God clearly showed me this was a calling. It was a hard step to take, but the Lord directed my steps…

I have not looked back since.

Although the homeschooling journey is difficult at times, if God has put you on this path and called you here, He will lead you through each day. We simply need to stop chasing things, and start chasing Him.

This book will encourage you to keep your focus on the One who has called you here. Through my personal story and experience, you will see what happens when we take our eyes off of Him, and how each day can look when we regain our focus, fix our eyes on Him and on the true goals of homeschooling…

“Maybe you are just starting out, or maybe you have been doing this awhile. Either way, there is most likely some amount of fear. Fear of the major responsibility that homeschooling is, or fear that you aren’t doing it “right.” Perhaps you are tired. Burnt out. Running on empty. Maybe you are up to your eyeballs in curriculum catalogs, reviews, planners, highlighters, label makers, and resources. Meanwhile the laundry calls, the dishes pile up, and the kids are tired. You are tired. You are trying to decide how on earth you are going to do it all. Or maybe you just are ready to throw in the towel altogether.

Well, take a deep breath. Relax. The One who created the universe in a breath, the One who called you to this journey, is in control. Yes, He is in control of your homeschool. Is anything too hard for Him?”

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The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?

Rick Warren

Price: $1.42

This book really makes one stop and think about the direction they are going with their life. Easy read for anyone with a Christian background, incorporating scripture and daily assignments. I wish there was a version less steeped in Christianity for the non-believers out there as i think anyone could benefit from this book. But unfortunately, the non-believers are likely to be turned off by the predominant Christian bent of the book.

Judith Babarsky

10 years ago, Rick Warren wrote The Purpose Driven Life, which became the bestselling hardback non-fiction book in history, and is the second most-translated book in the world, after the Bible. PDL has inspired and changed tens of millions of lives … more than any modern book.
NOW, Rick has updated and expanded the book with new chapters on the greatest barriers to living your purpose, plus 42 video introductions to each chapter theme, and 42 additional audio messages that go deeper into each chapter.
He has also created a new small group curriculum and new sermon series for pastors, and new follow-up events to conserve the evangelistic and discipleship results you will experience.
In the original 40 Days of Purpose campaign, churches averaged 28% growth in attendance, and over 100% growth in small group Bible study! People WANT to know their purpose in life!
The Purpose Driven Life will enable a new generation in your church to discover God’s purposes for their lives and empower your church with a fresh new wind of hope, joy, and vitality!

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***Note from Ashley: Another full-size Gooseberry Patch cookbook for only 99 cents!


Simple Shortcut Recipes (Everyday Cookbook Collection)

Gooseberry Patch

Price: 99 cents

Simple Shortcut Recipes is presented in the same old fashioned, country style as other Gooseberry Patch cookbooks I’ve owned in the past. Each page has adorable country themed sketches and graphics and each new chapter has a full page drawing that fits the upcoming recipes. The recipes are very simple and do not require a lot of time to prepare them. The ingredients tend to be prepared foods like biscuit baking mix, refrigerated tube crescent rolls, frozen vegetables, and canned soups. When you are pressed for time, you can use the recipe as is with the convenience foods. Or, on nights when you have a bit more time, you can substitute a homemade alternative instead. I love the handy time saving tips at the bottom of reach recipe. These are the kinds of tips your mother or grandmother might have passed down to you in the kitchen. I received a review copy from the publisher.

Ellen P. Lafleche-christian

In Simple Shortcut Recipes, we’ve sped up all of our favorite dishes for you by using grocery-store convenience products such as refrigerated bread dough, frozen pasta and other prepared items from the deli and bakery…guaranteed to save time, money and your sanity! There’s also nearly 200 helpful tips for shopping, cooking, serving, cleaning and organization, plus lots of no-stress fun ideas for sharing food with family & friends. Special sections include an updated listing of common kitchen substitutions and a second easy-to-use index of recipes organized by type of convenience food used.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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