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The ABCs of Money

Natalie Pace

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Informative and very intuitive. I see this as more than just another book but an economic tool. I trust this author. Recently went through a bankruptcy and foreclosure. This Book continues to help me improve my credit. I never knew there were so many way’s to be creative with finances thank you Natalie


Most Americans are worried about their future — particularly their nest egg. 1 out of every 10 Americans is being pursued by debt collectors. If you want to beat the debt game, earn gains (instead of riding on the Wall Street rollercoaster) and live a richer, happier life, then you have to get a new game plan. The ABCs of Money offers vital information and easy, effective strategies for income, budgeting, real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, hard assets, annuities, debt reduction and saving your home. These strategies have been saving homes and nest eggs for more than a decade and have earned Natalie Pace the ranking of #1 stock picker. Once you learn The ABCs of Money (that we all should have received in high school), you will transform your life — out of struggling to survive and buried alive in bills — to thriving.

As TD AMERITRADE chairman Joe Moglia says, “College students need this information before they get their first credit card. Young adults need it before they buy their first home. Empty nesters can use the information to downsize to a sustainable lifestyle, before they get into trouble.”

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Paleo Kid Snacks: 27 Super Easy Recipes that Kids Can’t Get Enough Of (Primal Gluten Free Kids Cookbook)

Kate Evans Scott

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While considering the switch to a paleo diet for the whole family I was concerned about quick lunches and snacks for my 4 kids. This book covered those worries perfectly with great staple recipes for sauces and condiments I hadn’t even thought of as a person New to the paleo way!


Kids love to snack, and there is a good reason for it, they need the energy to fuel their rapidly growing bodies. Their stomachs aren’t large enough to accommodate the necessary amount of food to carry them from meal to meal, they need healthy snacks in between. This book will help you fill the gap between meals, while providing you and your children with tasty alternatives to the sugar and preservative-laden snacks stocking grocery shelves, and they can easily and quickly be made at home. Each recipe is Authentically Paleo and includes step by step instructions, estimated prep times, and great tips for including children in the cooking process. Every recipe has been designed with the busy family in mind, keeping snacking convenient and portable.

‘Paleo Kid Snacks ‘ makes eating healthy simple with 27 kid tested recipes for Smoothies, Dips, and both Sweet and Savory snacks that the whole family will love! Packed full of easy Recipes for comfort foods that not only nourish, but satisfy cravings by steering your child toward protein rich meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats while avoiding potential allergens like gluten, grains, dairy, and legumes. The recipes in this book are perfect for an allergy free diet. Allergy free diets have been proven to be helpful for children suffering from autism, ADHD, and asthma.

The cookbook features 27 high-quality recipe photos. So you will easily be able to enjoy viewing them on both the black & white and the full color Kindle. Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t worry, you can also view this book by downloading the free Kindle app for your computer, iPad, or other mobile device: HYPERLINK “” .

This Gluten Free, Kid Friendly Snack Book contains:

27 delicious recipes for Smoothies, Dips, Sweet and Savory Snacks

Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare really tasty quick snacks that even the busiest families will love.

Tips and Techniques on how to involve children in the cooking process, and ways to make the transition to a Paleo diet easier for little palates.

Suggestions for Kitchen tools to make food preparation easy and fun.

Recipes that are nourishing and completely free from common allergens such as gluten, dairy, grains, preservatives, dyes, soy and processed sugar.

Budget friendly options so you can eat well without breaking the bank.

Some of the delicious recipes included are:

Green Monster Smoothie
Mango Fruit-Rollers
Turkey Pesto Rolls
Beef & Broccoli Bites
….and more!
Can’t wait to dig in….
Scroll to the top of the page to download this book now and make snack time – fun time for the whole family!

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Amazing Amazon FBA Work From Home the Easy Way!

Frank Aaron Florence

Price: FREE

I’ve earned hundreds of thousands of dollars selling products on Amazon and I myself have 5 Kindle books on the subject here on Frank Florence (author of the book you’re considering) was a MAJOR influence on me when I was just getting started. He really has all this nailed down to a science, as he’s studied and executed basically every profit-making tactic there is to know. HIGHLY recommended.

Jordan B. Malik

If you are reading this, you have found one of the best and easiest ways to make a great living at home with very little start-up money! Not only does Amazon’s FBA service allow you to generate outstanding profits with only a minimal amount of effort required, but you are able to launch your business with almost NO start-up expenses by simply selling the unwanted items from around your home.

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Simply Raw: Easy Raw Food Recipes For Beginners

Sue Woledge

Price: FREE

My husband and I both tend to stay away from cooked food as much as possible, but when the weather is colder this can sometimes be a bit more difficult, but looking through this book this afternoon has definitely given me some food for thought.
Another of the recipes I will be going for soon is the Lacto Fermented Beetroot With Garlic I have always tended to pickle my beetroot, but fermenting it sounds like a good way to go as the only fermenting we have done so far is with cabbage and we got that recipe from Sue some time ago.


Simply Raw: Easy Raw Food Recipes For Beginners is exactly as the title states – raw food recipes for beginners. This recipe book has been written with those who are just starting out on their raw food journey in mind, as well as those who are looking for delicious ways to incorporate more raw food into their lives. However the variety of recipes in this book are just as likely to be enjoyed by the more experienced ‘raw foodie’ as well.
The recipes are:

Gluten free
Wheat free
Egg Free
Dairy Free
and suited to those with many types of food allergies or intolerances.

Over Fifty Delicious Raw Food Recipes!

This recipe book contains over 50 quick and easy to prepare recipes, that use readily available ingredients with no requirement for fancy or expensive kitchen equipment or appliances other than a blender and a juicer. These recipes include:

Cashew Sour Cream
Dark Chocolate Banana Ice Cream
Dairy Free Basil Pesto
Garlic & Chili Cheese
Lacto Fermented Beetroot with Garlic
Blueberry Cheesecake
Mango Dessert With Coconut Custard
Raw Carrot Cake
Raw Chocolate Avocado Mousse

One of the common complaints about many raw food recipes books is that they contain too many complicated recipes that sometimes take days to prepare, and require expensive equipment such as dehydrators. Well, the good news is that there is no dehydrator required for the recipes in this book!

These recipes are perfect for those with food allergies or intolerances as they are naturally gluten free, wheat and grain free, almost all are dairy free and they are egg free. Take a ‘Look Inside’ the book to view the index and the delicious recipes contained within.

Simply Raw: Easy Raw Food Recipes For Beginners is about helping you to make your life healthier in a simple way, by providing recipes that can replace less healthy options with quick, easy, delicious recipes that anyone can master!

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Pickled! The Ultimate Recipe Guide – Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes

Jackson Crawford

Price: FREE

Though there are some things in here I would never think to pickle (pumpkin, ewww!), and some recipes that are unique to certain tastes, I have tried a number of them and have been very pleased. These days when I go to the farmer’s market, I am looking around for things to pickle. The pickled string bean and pickled carrot recipes are extraordinary, and I make them every week. I also tried the pickled jalapeno recipe for my husband, who LOVES hot peppers and even eats them raw like they are grapes, and he LOVED them. When I am doing a pickle day, I make a few extra jars of pickled stuff for him to keep in the Man Cave fridge. He spends so much time out there, you know…..don’t want him to go hungry!

Felicia A. Sullivan

If you learn how to pickle, you’ll be able to control the ingredients to make a healthy snack. If you’re really feeling daring, you can try some of the recipes in this book to pickle some fruits, eggs and meats. Now you can learn to pickle food for your health and for fun. We have collected over 30 of the most delicious and best selling recipes from around the world. Enjoy!

Take a peak at a few of the recipes inside!

Pickled Jalapenos
Pickled Apples
Pickled Garlic
Pickled Shrimp
Pickled Watermelon
Pickled Pig’s Feet
Pickled Carrots

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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50 Fitness Tips You Wish You Knew: The Best Quick And Easy Ways To Increase Motivation, Lose Weight, Get In Shape, And Stay Healthy

Derek Doepker

Price: FREE

50 Fitness Tips is far more than just a list of 50 things to do to feel better and achieve a higher degree of health. Intead, it introduces 50 ideas about fitness, with suggestions and examples for each. For example, in Tip #3 (how to stay motivated), the author explains why giving up bad habits is hard because the habit meets one or more of the six human needs. That means I have to find some healthier that meets the same need/s. That makes so much sense to me – and yet this is the first time that I’ve ever seen it stated so clearly and so simply.

Nancy Hendrickson

Do you wish you knew…

* A way to have enough motivation to lose weight even if you’re stressed out, busy, or have a million excuses? Tip #3 reveals the truth about how to tap into your brain’s motivational drives to make sure you never fail to reach a resolution again!

* The #1 reason people can’t lose weight that almost no other fitness programs even mention? Tip #4 reveals the one thing that keeps people from losing weight and getting healthy more than anything else along with a step-by-step method to make sure this one thing never sabotages your results!

* How to get your best night of sleep ever? Tip #5 reveals something that modern research has just discovered in the past couple years and normalize your circadian rhythms and help you sleep like a baby your first night using it – Hint: It’s NOT a supplement!

* A way to reprogram your genetics? Tip #6 reveals what modern research shows can actually reprogram your genes and grow your brain to be healthier, happier, and even smarter!

* A force that is stronger than willpower? Tip #10 reveals the one thing you need to manage that is more critical to your success than willpower!

* How to overcome food cravings and emotional eating? Tip #12 reveals a simple “brain hack” to stop junk food cravings and binge eating – instantly!

* The root source of all of your behaviors? Tip #15 reveals what this is so when you change this, your entire life will change for permanent success!

* A way to make healthy meals from scratch – in 5 minutes? Tip #16 reveals a cooking trick for making meals that are tastier, cheaper, easier, and FASTER than fast food!

* The best way to get organic food at a discount? Tip #20 reveals a little known known sources to get the healthiest organic quality foods at wholesale prices!

* The missing ingredient to good health? Tip #25 reveals the best way to get this into your body, and it’s by doing something only certain cultures on this planet do regularly!

* The best ways to prevent sickness from ever ruining your life? Tip #33 reveals unusual secrets to having a super immune system that can fight off any infection!

* The top 5 supplements you must take for ideal health? Tip #37 reveals the essential nutrients you’re likely missing that can all be replaced for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!

* The truth about detoxing? Tip #38 reveals whether detoxing is fact or fiction, and what has really been proven to detoxify heavy metals and toxins from the body safely and effectively!

* A way to get “dumbbells” for a few dollars? Tip #41 reveals how to get adjustable weights for resistance training that only costs a few dollars and are available anywhere! (You’ve probably NEVER seen anything like this!)

* The most effective exercise routines to rapidly burn fat that only take minutes a week? Tip #44 reveals brutally effective workouts to burn fat fast!

* What to do if you have almost no time to exercise? Tip #45 reveals how to cut your exercise time down into half while increasing your fat loss and muscle building results!

Do you wish you knew how to have more motivation, less stress, faster weight loss, less aches and pain, complete emotional freedom, more money saved, and more time to enjoy your life all while enjoying the body of your dreams?

You’re about to discover all of these things and more in 50 Fitness Tips You Wish You Knew.

This guide is pure cutting-edge content from someone who has spent the past nine years and thousands of hours of research testing and refining what really works to bring you only the best of the best health, fitness, muscle building, and weight loss tips you’ll ever find!

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Southern Living Around the Southern Table: Coming home to comforting meals and treasured memories

Rebecca Lang

Price: $2.99

Past the wonderful recipes, the beautiful
photographs,the wonderful asides, and energy of this book, I am delighted it is written by a young Southern Mother
whose Grandmother Tom, was the inspiration for her pursuing cooking in the Southern Style. I fear we are losing the
fabric of home and family dinner every night with all the hustle and bustle of Mom working outside the home. This can be
the GO TO book for young working Moms to use to learn to or to refresh with when they cook. We need to hang onto recipes
from Grandmas like Tom…and set a proper table, value vintage linens and dishes, and create charm and a warm setting for
memory making family times around the table. This book will feed your stomach and your soul with it’s charm, recipes, and
the visuals that encourage you to try to give your family an experience at mealtime. Congratulations Rebecca and thank you
to Southern Living for giving her the opportunity to teach her generation that Charm is not forgotten or a thing of the past.
This is Southern Cooking at it’s finest from Pimento Cheese through to mouthwatering desserts like Chocolate Bourbon Pecan
Pie. I have died and gone to heaven!

Nancy C. de Young

Sharing a meal around the table is the perfect expression of all things Southern: hospitality, grace, humor, and a devotion to great food. Author Rebecca Lang–a professionally trained chef and lifelong Southerner–makes the reader feel right at home, with pre-meal sips on the porch, indulgent dinners laced with bacon, decadent desserts, and messy morning-after breakfasts with biscuit crumbs and homemade jelly. These are the recipes that fill our memories of family and home, pull readers into the kitchen, and leave them fulfilled at the table.

Essays from well-known and much-loved Southerners–like Chick-Fil-A founder Truett S. Cathy and novelist Cassandra King–pepper the chapters with wisdom, humor, and insights gained from time spent at their own dining tables. Better yet, Around the Southern Table is filled with recipes for dishes that Southerners crave and cherish for everyday as well as special occasions. From mouthwatering main dishes like Shrimp and Grits or Stuffed Meatloaf to classic desserts like Lemon Pie or Pound Cake and Peach Ice Cream, every recipe tells a story, and, more importantly, is absolutely delicious. Each and every recipe is 100% homemade from-scratch and 100% Southern.

This book invites you to pull up a chair at your favorite table and make great food and unforgettable memories of your own.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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  1. Thank you so much! Until a friend told me about you I only had a couple ebooks, all work related now I am back in the world of reading for pleasure!