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The Beautiful Home: Decorating Ideas on a Budget for Your Dream Home

Michelle Stewart

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This book offers many tips on how to decorate any space in a home or apartment, how to estimate costs while keeping expenses low, thinking outside the box, creating comfortable spaces for children and pets (so many people seem to ignore this). I particularly enjoyed the section on arranging wall decor and how to create a Writer’s Room for just $75. This book includes several photographs. Well written, makes me want to give my place a little makeover.

Bev Seabrook

Author Michelle Stewart brings a practical approach to home decorating in The Beautiful Home. Drawing on her previous work in Declutter Your Life, De-Stress Your Life, and The Frugal Life, Stewart approaches decorating with an eye toward enhancing overall health, saving money, and presenting a beautiful home.

Home decorating is a fun hobby for some, and a worrisome chore for others. Many people never get started with decorating, because they are afraid they will mess everything up. Stewart promotes decorating tactics that can always be undone, and advises newbie decorators to avoid permanent changes. She explores how little things can make a big difference, and provides introductory tips on how color, themes, organization, and creativity can be combined to create a stunning room. With a combination of broad tips, inspiring full-color photographs and instructions for detailed projects, The Beautiful Home offers information about decorating that anyone can put in motion.

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Chia Seed Recipes: Cooking with an ancient superfood for health, nutrition, and weight loss

Dogwood Apps

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I love chia seeds. This book gave me many new great ideas. I can’t wait to try them. I was very happy this book had great pictures. You really know what you are getting when you try the recipe. Now I will make more than chia pudding.

Lisa Ruscyczk

What exactly are Chia Seeds?

Salvia Hispanica, or chia as it is commonly known, belongs to the mint family of plants. With its distinct oblong shaped leaves, small blue flowers grow on the plant. The seeds from the plant are known to have a host of health benefits, including providing most of the nutrients required by the human body on a daily basis.

The first recorded instance of people consuming chia seeds is from way back in 3,500 BC. The Aztecs and Mayans both ate the seeds for many centuries. They used to either grind the seeds down into flour or squeeze them to extract oil. It was also the Aztecs and Mayans who discovered that chia seeds mixed with water form a potent blend. This gave birth to the chia gel which is commonly used for culinary and other purposes till today.

A significant feature of chia seeds is that they boost the energy and stamina of the person eating them. This was the reason why chia seeds were carried into battle by Aztec warriors. Not only did their stamina improve but they were able to fight over longer periods of time without feeling fatigued.
What are some of the health benefits of Chia Seeds?

High in Fiber
Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids (the good fat)
Rich in antioxidants
Gluten Free
Helps regulate your blood sugar levels
Rich in calcium, manganese, and phosphorous.
High in protein

What are some uses of Chia seeds in food?

Chia seeds can be used in:

Your own food experiments!

Is it difficult to cook with Chia Seeds?

Absolutely not! We show you step by step how to make healthy and delicious recipes including:

Buckwheat Chia Porridge with Spiced Apple
Hearty Chia Breakfast Eggs
Sweet Blueberry Chia Brownies
Chia Creamed Brown Rice
Chia Miso Super Soup
Chili Chia Fish Cakes
Chia Omelet with Asparagus
Whole Wheat Chia Seed Pancakes
Italian Chia Meatballs
Orange Mango Cream Smoothie
Chia Pan Bread
Savory Chia Seeds
Chia Almond Butter
Chia Fresca
Chia Fruity Green Tea
Chia Traditional Oatmeal Cookies
Quinoa, Chia & Coconut Flapjacks
Chia Banana Pikelets
Chia Granola
Turkey Chia Meatloaf
Chicken Chia Stuffed Surprise
Chia Coffee Cream Dessert
Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding
Strawberry Babycakes
Fig Squares
Creamy Chia Mushroom Soup
Curried Potato Salad
Fennel Chia Seed Crackers with Arugula Pesto
Instant Chia Vegetable Broth
Berry Beautiful Chia Bowl

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Home Economics for Homeschoolers

Heather Leach

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These lessons are put together to incorporate some basic home economics and Biblical teaching into a home school routine. This is designed with younger children and special needs children in mind. Short and hands on with a focus on a unit “theme”. The first unit will focus on Personal apperance, Hygene and Routines.

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Crepes – the “all-you-need-to-know” complete guide to making crepes

Carme Sevenster

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I like this very much. Crepes, pancakes you name it I like it. I will never say no to them. I really like the recipes and ideas you have, tried a few of them already and they are beautiful. Don’t know about that chicken liver one though – I don’t think I will try that. The book is easy to read and understand good formatting. I love this. 5 stars from me.


To all the “cooks” out there who don’t like spending hours in the kitchen but on occasion would like to look like a pro – this is the book for you. It is not a cookbook it is a little cheat book (so to speak). This book is written for the simplistic beginner to medium level cook. It is a simple how to guide with easy ideas for those lazy Sunday mornings. The focus of the book is split 50/50 between the method of making crepes and a few delicious ideas for sweet and savory fillings. The book is filled with beautiful inspiring images.
I’m not into complicated, high level recipes; if I want something like that I go to a restaurant, where I can enjoy the fruits of somebody else’s hard labor. After reading this book I want you to be able to open your fridge take out some left-over food from the evening before and do something interesting with it. I guarantee after reading this book you will be able to make crepes like a pro and hopefully your imagination will be awaken just enough so you can do something weird and wonderful and complete unique with a simple crepe. Remember, apart from soup and breakfast cereals, almost anything can be rolled up in a crepe.

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Homeschool High School Writing: You Can Do It!

Sabrina Justison (Author), Vicki Tillman (Author)

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Don’t let a blank page paralyze your student! Homeschool High School Writing: You Can Do It! is a collection of ideas, exercises, encouragement and strategies for mastering all kinds of high school writing assignments.

Written by real homeschool moms who have experienced all sorts of challenges in teaching writing, this 36-page book offers solutions with topics like:
– Planning for a writing assignment
– Improving vocabulary
– Help for the Reluctant Writer
– Help for the Plodding Writer
– Writing a Stand-Out College Essay
– Ideas for Students Who Hate Creative Writing
– Facing the Research Paper Challenge
and more!

Written in a warm, friendly style and filled with real-life examples, this is a practical and encouraging resource for equipping your homeschool for success.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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The Get Yourself Organized Project

Kathi Lipp

Kathi Lipp’s style of organizing makes sense. I love to look at glossy pictures of beautiful rooms, but my rooms look anything but most of the time. Lipp uses common sense tips to help the wannabes reach just a bit more and find the solution that conquers their clutter, so her advice was something I could wrap my mind around. Where one family may use the dining room table as a catch all, another might have front door issues. She goes into the flow of the room, how to identify and conquer trouble spots and gives hints and tips from others who may share your unique struggles. Lipp also comes across as a chatty girlfriend who’s been there rather than a lofty expert. This is a plus when I want to tackle a problem. Nothing like a lofty expert to make me hide my head in shame. I’ll never, never, never be a Martha Stewart clone, but I could learn a few good hints from Kathi Lipp.

Kelly Klepfer

Finally, an organizational book for women who have given up trying to be Martha Stewart but still desire some semblance of order in their lives.

Most organizational books are written by and for people who are naturally structured and orderly. For the woman who is more ADD than type A, the advice sounds terrific but seldom works. These women are looking for help that takes into account their free-spirited outlook while providing tips and tricks they can easily follow to live a more organized life.

Kathi Lipp, author of The Husband Project and other “project” books, is just the author to address this need. In her inimitable style, she offers

easy and effective ways women can restore peace to their everyday lives
simple and manageable long-term solutions for organizing any room in one’s home (and keeping it that way)
a realistic way to de-stress a busy schedule
strategies for efficient shopping, meal preparation, cleaning, and more

Full of helpful tips and abundant good humor, The Get Yourself Organized Project is for those who want to spend their time living and enjoying life rather than organizing their sock drawer.

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Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows

Ravi Zacharias

While the Donald Millers of the world have brought new vitality and honesty to writings on the Christian life, others, such as Philip Yancey and Ravi Zacharias, continue to dig deep into the intellectual side of the modern Christian’s struggle. This depth makes their writings less accessible, yet so vital for many who are searching for answers.
In this gracious autobiography, Zacharias gives us doses of his trademark apologetics and wisdom, while providing a chronological view of his journey from suicidal teen to world-renowned evangelist. He offers glimpses into his cultural roots in India, along with helpful understanding of the eastern mindset. He shows restraint in his accounts of his family’s issues, but he still manages to be honest with faults. He challenges his readers to move beyond their own search for fulfillment into a greater comprehension of who they are created to be.
As a missionary kid, I spent six months in India, experiencing some of the sights that Zacharias grew up around. I savored his anecdotes. This is a thoughtful, inspiring account of what God can do through those who are willing to “live, because he lives.” Be patient, soak in the philosophical and theological musings, and see if you aren’t nudged by the content of these pages.

Eric Wilson

Ravi Zacharias was born in India and has literally moved from the East to the West and the West to the East and repeated the cycle again and again to answer skeptics’ questions about whether God is alive, who Jesus is, what is truth, and whether we can really find absolutes. Ravi has spoken of his own journey only in bits and pieces in his other books and talks. It is a journey that has led him beyond his family and culture into a revelation that replaced pantheism with monotheism, and into a relationship with a God the vast majority of his people do not worship. From this new understanding birthed in him by the founder of Christianity, Ravi has gone forward to teach as one of our generation’s great apologists.
A life lived in Christ is the greatest argument of all for the living God. Ravi urges the reader to look at the lives that have turned the hearts of people into movements for Christ. In the first three centuries of the church, the Apostles and followers like Polycarp and Tertullian and Origen demonstrated with their lives the truth of the resurrected Christ. A whole line of witnesses from every generation succeeded these who walked in the footsteps of Jesus, with names like Augustine, Catherine of Sienna, Bernard of Clairvaux, Luther, and Wesley leading the procession.
But history begins on an individual level.
Ravi shows readers his life, in its successes and failures, in its existence in the East and in the West, and in his attempts to bring the truth of Christ to those in any culture who don’t know him. The Hebrew poet has said that a life rich in experiences is a life from which others can learn.
This book is about Ravi’s journey, from meaninglessness to the abundant joy of Christ, from East to West and back again, in the all-consuming passion of letting the world know about true freedom, and in whom that freedom is found.

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