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Daughter of Joy (Brides of Culdee Creek Book #1)

Kathleen Morgan

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This is book is excellent. The characters are complex and believable. The basic storyline may have been spun hundreds of times but this by far outshines all the ones I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot. When you get to a book like this you realize this is “Fine dining”! Ms Morgan obviously incorporated and instilled her own suffering into a beautiful book.

Mrs Debar

These classic historical romance novels are getting a new look for the next generation of readers. But the wonderful stories remain the same, as touching and fresh as they were when first published.

Praise for the Brides of Culdee Creek series:
“A poignant love story that will remain with the reader long after the book is closed.”–Lori Copeland, author of the Brides of the West series

“A beautiful story of redemptive love. . . . A memorable read.”–Robin Lee Hatcher, author of Catching Katie

“A spectacular new series.”–Library Journal

Praise for Kathleen Morgan:
“Kathleen Morgan writes with deep emotion and feeling.”–Reader to Reader

“A marvelous storyteller.”–Romantic Times

“Kathleen Morgan is a phenomenal writer!”–The Talisman

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Running Home (Run, Book 3)

Cami Checketts

Price: FREE

I’ve read all 3 of the series thus far. I’m hoping there will be more of these to come. This author is one of my favorites.

R. Laffrey

In Cassidy’s battle against human trafficking there are two choices: run or be captured.

Cassidy’s humanitarian mission takes an ugly turn when human traffickers attack. Cassidy doesn’t know where to run–home to America, into Jesse’s arms, or any direction she can to escape the traffickers. Innocent families are being ripped apart and Cassidy must decide if she’s brave enough to stop running and join the fight.

Running Home is the third book in the Run Series after Dead Running and Dying to Run.

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Song of Redemption (Chronicles of the Kings Book #2)

Lynn Austin

Price: $3.99

Ms. Austin’s second book in her Chronicles of the Kings series is just as good as her previous title. This story pick up where “God and Kings” leaves off and again brings tales of the Old Testament to life once again.

Kristi Ahlers

When King Hezekiah discovers that God’s Law forbids him to take multiple wives, he must choose one woman to love. He must also choose to trust God’s promises when he decides to rebel against his powerful Assyrian overlords. Hezekiah seeks to strengthen his nation’s fortifications by building a tunnel in Jerusalem to hide his water supply. The tension mounts as the Assyrians march closer–and Hezekiah’s tunnel remains incomplete.With his officials advising him to submit to the Assyrians, Hezekiah’s faith is once more severely tested. Chronicles of the King Book 2.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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