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Harvest of Rubies

Tessa Afshar

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Amazing! Brilliant! Another Winner! Tessa Afshar paints another wonderful story woven in Biblical history. Harvest of Rubies brings the Persian world of Artaxerxes to life and casts you in the middle of a love story entangled with misunderstanding, man’s inhumanities to man and much more. She takes you on a journey you won’t forget. A must read! And, if you missed Pearl in the Sand, it is another gem from cover to cover.

M. Appelt

The prophet Nehemiah’s cousin can speak numerous languages, keep complex
accounts, write on rolls of parchment and tablets of clay, and solve great mysteries.
There is only one problem: she is a woman.

In her early childhood years,
Sarah experienced the death of her mother and her father’s subsequent emotional
distance and she came to two conclusions: that God does not care about her, and
that her accomplishments are the measure of her worth – the measure of her self.

the talented scribe and cousin to Nehemiah, is catapulted into the center of the
Persian court, working too many hours, rubbing elbows with royalty, and solving
intrigues for the Queen. Ironically, it isn’t failure but success that causes Sarah
to lose her only source of external validation.

Sarah soon learns that
she has something of worth to offer beyond her ability with languages and sums –
her very being proves to be a blessing to others particularly the aristocrat, Darius, she
was given to in marriage.

Sarah and Darius’ story continues in Harvest
of Gold. Darius may be able to learn to love his wife, but can he ever learn
to trust Sarah and her Lord?

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Undaunted Love

Jennings Wright

Price: FREE

Love conquers it all. This is one of those books that’s highly detailed, the writer captured every moment of these couples journey throughout their timely relationship. One of the most interesting thing that I like about this book was how she justified their mariage through the principles and teachings of our Faith. No matter what situation that were placed before them, they held their obligations to God and respectfully acknowledging him as head of their relationship. I’d recommend this book in a heart beat.


NEW EDITION, same great story!

Hugh Byrd, the cold, ambitious patriarch of Byrd’s Creek, is used to getting what he wants. And what he wants is the Colton’s prime land and the destruction of the Colton family. What he doesn’t count on is his own daughter falling in love with Rafe Colton.

Ripped apart by the Civil War, the young couple must find a way to keep their secret love alive. The end of the War should mean a joyous reconciliation, but when Rafe is accused of a terrible crime, he runs away, leaving Livvie behind once again. Will this finally break their bond, or will their love survive?

A sweeping romance set in the South, Undaunted Love is a tale of faith, hope, patience and the redemption of God’s love.

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When You Come Home: The True Love Story Of A Soldier’s Heroism, His Wife’s Sacrifice and the Resilience of America’s Greatest Generation (Historical Romance)

Nancy Pitts

Price: FREE

When You Come Home is the kind of story that leaves you feeling that you never want to close the pages. If you can keep the book open, you will maintain connection with the people inside.
I was priviledged to meet Nancy Cavin Pitts and hope one day to meet her again to thank her for sharing a most deeply moving story of a time we can never forget and a love we never want to. Read it. Share it. You’ll never be the same.


“Daphne Cavin’s poignant story of love, loss and sacrifice was one of the most memorable I encountered in writing The Greatest Generation. Her daughter now completes the story with this very heartfelt book.” – Tom Brokaw

The war claimed Daphne Kelley’s young husband’s life, but it couldn’t keep Raymond – and his abiding love – from being with her when she needed him most.

First glimpsed in Tom Brokaw’s landmark bestseller, The Greatest Generation, the true-life love story of Daphne and Raymond Kelley went far deeper than Brokaw’s feature could reveal. Now When You Come Home provides the complete account of what New York Times book reviewer Michael Lind cited as “perhaps the most compelling” love story in Brokaw’s book.

Taking its title from a poem newlywed Daphne sent her soldier husband during World War II, When You Come Home tells of their young love in the heartland at the brink of war, and of the crushing uncertainty and fear as they find themselves a world apart. And when the poem comes back to Daphne – blood-stained by Raymond’s mortal wounds – When You Come Home shares the extraordinary event that restores the grieving young widow’s faith in the transcendent power of love.

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Threads of Change: A Quilting Story (Part 1)

Jodi Barrows

Price: 99 cents

Was a great book couldn’t put it down. Waiting for the next. Kept your interest through out the whole book.


In 1856, the political unrest is growing in the South. Lucas Mailly gathers his granddaughters and sends them west by wagon with a handful of men to lead them. He must stay behind to sell their beloved Riverton home and timber mill. The recently widowed Elizabeth Bromont doesn’t want to disappoint her grandfather and pushes her own emotions aside to do what is expected. She takes charge of this band of women on their adventure across the frontier.

With every turn along the wagon trail, these cousins, filled with city social graces and charm must learn how to handle the hardships and heartaches they face. Elizabeth finds herself with an unexpected suitor-her deceased husband’s best friend. Her sister, Megan, encourages her, while keeping a secret of her own. Abby and Emma, the Mississippi cousins that have journeyed west, peel away the emotional layers put there by their heavy-handed plantation owner father and mother.

On the road west, through wagon accidents, total exhaustion, raging storms and wild animals the small band of travelers learn about survival on the prairie and the individuals they need to become to survive.

Relieved to finally arrive at the abandoned military post at Fort Worth, Texas they begin the hard work of establishing a home. The cousins help build schools and churches, and try to civilize the community with manners. Friendships are mended together around the quilting frame. But, they soon realize it that heartache has followed them. When their strength is put to the biggest test of all, they become true warriors of their heart, mind, and souls.

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Plain Living: The Diary (Amish Christian Romance) A Lines from Lancaster County Saga

Rachel Bauer

Price: 99 cents

I loved the multidimensional characters , the plot, and the descriptions of Lancaster County and Amish life. The authors crafted an ending that was satisfying, but left a crack in the door for wondering what comes next. I am, however, a shameless foodie, and my favorite parts of the book were the descriptions of food preparation and meals. There’s something to be said for the Amish way of slowing things down and enjoying the process of preparing and sharing sustenance.

Lauren P. Groves

Nineteen-year-old Sadie Zook works in her father’s furniture store in their home town of Ephrata, PA. Witty, devout, and supremely competent, Sadie is keeping a secret. Sadie occupies the little spare time she can find with her secret passion — writing and illustrating her simple and insightful stories about her life in pastoral Lancaster County. While Sadie’s writing is mostly thoughtful and even devotional, Sadie’s wit shows in some of her tales from her father’s store — sharp delineations of “Englisher” customers whose ignorance of those who choose to live plain lives reveals Sadie’s keen talent for description, dialogue, and character development.

When twenty-one-year-old Abram Byler discovers Sadie’s secret stash of writing, he conceals it, reads it, and is initially horrified and chastises Sadie. As he continues to read, though, he discovers that beneath the clever wit, there is a sweet, nurturing soul revealed in the tender depictions of Sadie’s youngest sisters learning to churn butter. As Abram and Sadie become closer, Abram realizes that sometimes humility means using the talents God bestows.

NOTE: Please check the price before downloading; the price is subject to change.

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