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Fun and Tasty Recipes for Kids: Simple Recipes You and Your Children Will Love

Stephen Robinson

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My 6 year old granddaughter loves to spend time with me in the kitchen cooking. There are many not only tasty recipes but also healthy as well.

Karen Saunders

Perfect for Cooking with Your Children

Children can be fussy these days, and it’s easy for them to fall into a very unhealthy diet plan. With the recipes in this book you’ll be sure to have some amazing, tasty meals that your kids will love….and they’re healthy too!

Children Learn fast, and a great way to get them learning in the kitchen is to let them get involved with you whilst you’re making the meals. The recipes in this book are perfect for letting the kids help out in the kitchen without any risk.

Let them discover their talents and master chefs whilst they eat their way to a healthier life.

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Books for Kids: “Louie & Lilly’s Nap Time”

David Scott

Price: FREE

This is an incredibly cute rhyming book about dogs for younger kids. The illustrations are simply beautiful and the story kept the attention of my two grandchildren very well. Because it is a rhyming book, both of my grand kids were able to keep up with the tempo and even follow some of the words, guessing what came next. It’s a great way to not only read to your child, but also incorporate a little learning along the way. This is a book that any child will want to hear again and again!


Lovable yorkie puppies Louie and Lilly are very sleepy after playing all morning, so they set out on a quest to find the best places to nap. With 36 beautiful illustrations and a fun, alternating rhyme scheme, this is an adorable children’s book to read aloud for nap time, bedtime or any time.

Preschoolers will engage with the sweet nursery rhymes and lush artwork, and older kids can read right along. This rhyming picture book for kids may soon become one of your favorite children’s bedtime stories.

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Science Projects for Kids. Making Science Fun in 10 Minutes or Less. (21 Science Experiments For Kids Ages 9 – 12)

JoJo Sabra

Price: FREE

Kid’s are always looking for fun Science and Experiment. there are many interesting facts required to know? Buy experint at home is always requred safety.
Here author describes many cool idea , project that our child not only enjoy the science but know “how
dad’s tools, kitchen gadgets, school supplies, which we are mistakenly thrown away in the recycle bin” can make a wonderful discovery. Good Work!!

K. Ravi

Fast, Fun, Science Projects – Easy Experiments To Do At Home This Summer!

Kids are born scientists—they’re curious, inquisitive creatures who thrive on adventure, exploration and experimentation. Kids naturally want to know why things work, how things came to be, and what things do.

Kids should be given the room (literally in your house and yard), encouragement, and guidance to figure things out by themselves.

This is why we created this book!

Given the extremely short attention span of high-tech kids these days, we picked activities that take ten minutes or less to complete for this book (most take five minutes, at least).

– 21 Biology, Chemistry and Physics Experiments for Ages 9 -12 years old
– All projects can be setup in 10 minutes or less
– Experimentation with the Scientific Method
– Each project includes a Science Project Outline
– Each project offers “Things to Think About” discussing
– Full Glossary of Terms included

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Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective (The Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency)

Jason Edwards

Price: 5 cents

The book has positive messages intertwined with laughter, mystery, and suspense to make for one fun, exciting, uplifting story. I would recommend this book for any parent to read with their children in fourth and fifth grade as well as teachers in fourth and fifth grade who want something positive for their classrooms.

L. Padgett

Will Allen may be one of the smallest boys at Ashford Middle School, but he is also one of the smartest. But cleverness alone isn’t enough to help him when monsters infest his room!
Together with his friend Jeannine Fitsimmons, Will searches fruitlessly for help, until a strange business card appears, instructing them how to summon Bigelow Hawkins, the Great Monster Detective. With Bigelow’s help, along with the use of his very special monster-fighting instruments, the RevealeR and the MonsterScope, Will must learn how to conquer his monsters and reveal the secret of the dreaded HIDDEN BEAST before it’s too late…

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Grimm’s Fairy Tales Illustrated: 200 tales with 50 illustrations

Wilhelm Grimm, Jacob Grimm

Price: 99 cents

This is a well put together compilation of the Grimm’s Tales that are accompanied by very good pictures. My friend’s daughter was not familiar with all of Grimm’s tales and was very excited to read this also. It was a great chance for her to become familiar and decide if she would like a hard bound version of her own.


The Entire Grimm’s Fairy Tales with 50 illustrations.

Over 200 stories, including Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, and Rapunzel.

Organized alphabetically and with a table of contents and direct links to each story, formatted specifically for the Kindle.

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